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Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Haven't Grocery Shopped in Two Weeks and It Feels Like an Eternity

I just have not had time. I miss time. The interesting thing, though, is how much food we actually have in the house. That last shopping that I did two weeks ago wasn't even a big shop. It was just a couple of items that I thought would get through the next day or two. And then the ignition on my car broke.

I ran out of liquid milk on Saturday. I've been mixing up powdered milk as we've needed it. I am all out of any commercial milk that I can have.  So I made a quick batch of coconut milk yesterday, for my own consumption. We are all out of fresh fruit and are now relying on frozen berries, prunes, and canned pineapple. The fresh veggie supply is limited to 2 carrots, 1/4 head of cabbage, several onions, 3 or 4 lbs of potatoes, and whatever I can scrounge from the garden. I do have canned yams, pumpkin, tomatoes, and corn, still, plus a couple of meals of frozen spinach. It is slim pickins around these parts. Oddly, the kitchen freezer continues to look very full. I keep digging around in there to find goodies. Yesterday, I found another container of pineapple liquid (saved from draining canned pineapple). I've been sick since Saturday, so that tasted good, and helped rehydrate me.

I am wondering just how long I can stretch this limited shopping. Tuesday is Senior Discount day, so I will be adding a milk supply, as well as some fresh produce, tortillas, hot dogs, and cheese.

How about you? Are your grocery supplies dwindling for the month? Just a few more days as the month draws to a close. Be back tomorrow morning!


  1. I've noticed that my refrigerator freezer is staring to look empty, lol. It's a rather odd thing around here as it is usually full. It's funny what you can find though when you need to make it stretch for another few days.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Lili. :)

    1. HI Belinda,
      I think modern ideas of what to keep on hand at all times must be quite a lot. I do keep finding things, despite having it in my head that we're almost out of everything (not really, just in my head).

      Have a great weekend, too, Belinda!

  2. I find the same thing. I feel like we don't have anything to eat when we are out of certain key things like milk when actuality we have plenty to eat well for a long time.

    Sounds like things have been stressful for you recently. Here's hoping you're feeling better and your car is working.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      It is strange how dependent we are on key food items. No one has complained that we're out of liquid milk, or that they "have" to drink the powdered stuff. So, maybe I'm more worried about our supplies than anyone else!

      I am feeling better, thank you. And the car, I think, is good for another long while (they have fixed so much on that car in the last year that there shouldn't be much that could go wrong now). It was a pain to not have a car for almost a week. But if it had to happen, it was good that it happened that week, and not this past week, as my son is out of town for the week, and he was the main source of extra transportation. Anyway, life feels less stressful already.

      Have a great weekend, live and learn!


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