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Friday, September 29, 2017

Cheap & Cheerful Suppers for a glorious last week of September

Thursday's chicken
using this technique to cut a whole roasted chicken into individual servings

The weather has been very nice here, this week. I mentioned earlier that I spent a few hours at the beach on Saturday, just enjoying the quiet beauty of an autumn day. Then yesterday was so warm that I had the back door open for several hours.

Over the weekend -- I have a hard time remembering what we ate, as I'm not doing the weekend cooking. I do remember a cookout on Sunday, put together by one daughter. We had hot dogs, homemade buns, pasta salad, green salad, deviled eggs and s'mores.

Monday -- frittata topped with basil, Parmesan, sliced tomatoes, garlic, along with garlic toast and leftover pasta salad

Tuesday -- casserole made from leftovers, tossed green salad, pickles

Wednesday -- turkey breast (cooked, frozen), gravy (frozen), cranberry sauce, green beans, cornbread stuffing, pickles

Thursday -- rosemary roasted chicken, applesauce muffins (I had 2 empty jars from applesauce to rinse out, totaling about 1/3 cup of applesauce), acorn squash (from the garden), green peas

Tonight -- we'll have leftover roasted chicken with vegetable fried rice for a simple dinner

It was a week of heat and eat, and from scratch but humble meals. And although the weather said "summer," most of these meals felt like fall. I suspect the weather will feel more fall-like later next week.

I'm working on using foods from the freezer, like the cooked turkey breast and gravy, whole chicken, and frozen vegetables. It will soon be time to stuff my freezer with holiday specials. We're near the end of the month, so I'll be finishing up my grocery tally soon. I did get an amazing deal on milk this month, really amazing. So I also have containers of milk clogging up space in my freezer right now. But those should be used within the next 3 weeks.

How was your week? Anything special on the menu? Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Pretty simple week here as well. Our oppressively humid and hot weather finally broke and temps skirting the 90's replaced with 60's in the day, 40's at night-much more normal for New England this time of year. Looks like my new insulation is working just fine. The house is 71 degrees, no heat on. : ) For meals this week:

    -Mon: beef burgers on rolls, salad
    -Tues: "taco bake" using lots of leftovers, salad
    -Wed: tuna-pasta salad, salad
    -Thurs: homemade pizza, salad
    -Fri: it's dinner with Dad night so I'll grab leftovers

  2. Oh, so strange that I can't remember what we ate this week. I know we have had unseasonable warm weather so keeping the oven off as much as possible was the goal.

    In no specific order we had:
    pork cutlets in a thyme sauce with rice
    taco bake
    last night was pizza at MIL house for her birthday

    There is one day in there I can't remember. I think it might have been a creamy chicken and wild rice soup because we had one leftover chicken thigh and I knew that would be enough for a soup.


  3. Simple meals this week. Salad with !it's of toppings x4,rice with chicken strips,rice with chicken curry.Some odds and ends from the freezer. The weather is suppose to cool off this week. I am looking forward to fall temps it is supposed to be 87 today. Everyone have a great week end.

    1. Salad with lots of toppings. I should proof read when typing on the kindle☺

  4. Monday--crockpot roasted chicken; Tuesday--work meeting, didn't do supper, not sure what kids and hubby ate; Wed--quesadillas made with leftover chicken and cheese; Thurs--potato and ham soup; tonight--I think I'll do turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce on top. It finally cooled down here yesterday but we are supposed to have another heat wave next week.

  5. We just continued to try to eat things that were on hand. We did bake some pumpkin doughnuts as a treat, but we really didn't do any special meals.

  6. I don't think the heat we had was as oppressive as it was in CT and Chicago this past week. Of course, I could just be used to it. LOL I am definitely ready for cool weather. October 1st today, so shouldn't be much longer now.

    One of the meals I made this week was Chicken Pot Pie and my daughter loved it so much that she requested it again, so we've had it for at least 2 dinners and 2 lunches this week. LOL

    Your dinners sound good this week, Lili. I love that you make your own buns. That is so great. I hope this week is a good one for you too. :)

  7. Lili, do you have a specific routine for making sure that the foods in your freezer get rotated? Do you have a chest freezer of upright? I think it's easier to keep things rotated in an upright because it's easier to see things.


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