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Monday, September 18, 2017

My weekend exhausted me, but I did take a few photos of my Dollar Tree autumn decorating

I volunteered, along with one daughter, on Saturday. We serve at these fund-raising teas/luncheons. My daughter is a waitress, and I am kitchen help. The two of us are typically part of the clean-up crew, too, so it is a full day for us. I come home pretty tired, and need to just have some tea and relax for a bit. But I did have work to get to, after a few minutes and some tea.  Sunday, I was still tired, so after church again I just sat and drank a pot of tea. In the late afternoon I put myself to work again.

Today, I still woke up tired, but am more like myself this afternoon. I took some quick photos of some of the items that I used in decorating, and wanted to share. All of these "projects" were as fast as putting groceries away.

The window clings -- the door to the kitchen is all glass,
with no place to hang a wreath.
Window clings work pretty great for my door.

My Value Village silver bowl -- I didn't even polish it. The
 "rustic look" is intentional, or at least that's my story. I cut the
 tags off of the Dollar Tree faux apples and put them in the bowl.

The door to the kitchen, just off the driveway -- a flower pot with
  spring bulbs that will over-winter in the dirt. I tucked the faux
 mums into the soil, added some cedar branches, the ornamental
pumpkin pick, and an outdoor Christmas bow. It looks festive
 and autumnal, and took less than five minutes to complete. Once
Thanksgiving passes, I'll pull out the faux mums and tuck in some clippings
 from my yard of holly and other winter greenery, for a Christmas pot.
When I find a suitable tray for the trio of candles, I'll show you what I did with those, too. Easy decorating on a dollar store budget.


  1. Beautiful fall decorations, Lili. How sweet of you and your daughter to volunteer at the tea fundraiser. That sounds like a fun fundraiser, one I would definitely go to. Our favorite tea shop lost their lease last month and closed. We were so sad to see it go.

    1. Hi Belinda,
      That's such a shame about your favorite tea shop. Maybe they will find a new location. I can imagine the owners would want to continue their business somewhere. Wouldn't that be a fun business to own!
      I hope your day is off to a wonderful start, Belinda! Have a great one!

  2. Hope that you find a little more energy soon. The decorations are pretty and would make me smile when I saw them. Still have to get my fall things out of the basement. I'm going to put it on my list. It's more likely to happen that way.

    1. Thanks, live and learn. I hope you have time, soon, to get out your favorite fall things. Have a great day!


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