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Monday, October 9, 2017

10 of my favorite freebies of recent weeks

1.  email -- you can send a message to anyone, no stamp, immediate delivery, for free!

2.  library -- it's not just that you can get some books at the library, but you can often get the very one book that you want. Case in point -- when my daughter and I were vintage shopping for business ideas a month ago, my daughter saw a book that intrigued her. She spent several minutes browsing through that book. I took notice, thinking I would buy this book on Amazon as a Christmas gift for her. When I came home, I looked it up on Amazon, then had a thought, "hmmm, I should really check the library's database for this first. I could still surprise her with the book, on loan." Sure enough, our library's system had the very book on the shelf in anther branch. I had it sent to my local branch and picked it up later that week. My daughter was thrilled to see that book sitting on the kitchen table for her.

3.  youtube -- and other video sites. I use youtube to find music that I hear on the radio and want to listen to again. I also amuse myself with funny cat videos and other junky stuff. When I'm in a serious mode, I use youtube for self-help and instructional videos. Free entertainment and self-improvement!

4.  e-coupons on the grocery store's website -- I can load coupons onto my loyalty card to use in store, without buying a newspaper to get coupons. Some of the e-coupons allow for multiple use on the same coupon/purchase (like 5 jars of applesauce or peanut butter, getting the discount on all 5).

5.  journals/notepads on digital devices -- no need for paper or pen. I can write till my heart is content.

6.  online sudoku games -- I use these as concentration boosters a couple of times per day. Once upon a time, I actually spent money on sudoku and crossword puzzle books.

7.  online bill paying, again no stamp, and stamps are getting pricey! Bonus, the payment is made immediately, preventing late charges when I am absentminded.

8.  free shipping with online shopping. Not only do I get to shop while still in my pj's, I save gas, avoid crowds, and on many items I get a lower price if I shop around.

9.  tap water to drink in restaurants. On a chilly day, I've ordered a cup of hot water to sip with a meal. And nothing quenches thirst better on a scorching day than a cup of ice water.

10.  Walking for exercise. No special equipment, except feet. You can walk indoors in wintry weather, or outdoors on trails in the local parks or just in your own neighborhood when the weather is pleasant.

11. bonus freebie, linked to above -- public parks, as playgrounds for kids, walking trails for all, picnic spot for alfresco lunches, or grassy expanse for games.

Your turn -- what have been some of your favorite recent freebies?


  1. We like to glean when we get permission...things like persimmons, nuts, etc.
    Maybe not a freebie....but I enjoy trading things with my girlfriend or she passes on things to me and I do the same for her....things we don't use but know the other to us.
    Old newspapers or flyers....I make these into wrapping paper or bows.
    Neighbors...we always share produce we have excess of and they do the same for us. Some of this sounds like barter..but it is still "free" and keeps things where they will be used.

  2. Hi Lili,
    Excellent points above! I agree with all of them. I'll add a few:

    WhatsApp and snapchat on my smartphone to connect with my daughters who are out of the country--free.

    Newspapers online. No more paper and subscriptions.

    Reduced produce at the grocery store. Also, there are many reduced products from mayonnaise to seasonal things.

    Free items in someone else's trash. We once got a lawn sweeper and it has been a wonderful thing to pick up grass clippings, leaves, pine needles. We went to his door and asked him before we took it. He said he never used it and sat in his garage for 20 years. Good quality too.

    Hand me downs from our kids and from MIL.

    I'm sure I'll think of a few more later.


  3. I love that you did the book for your daughter in #2. I need to utilize the library more, as I tend to make impulse purchases far too often with books.

  4. Your first 3 favorites are probably my first 3 faves, as well. Also #11. I would add in free concerts at churches, library, and park. Also, free museum days.

  5. Hmmm...we have our grandkids over this week, so a freebie list is so timely. I think we should visit the library too.

    I'm all about doing things for less or free if possible. My latest obsession is making junk journals from literal trash paper and objects. Everything that is to be thrown away will have a second life on my craft desk, until I ponder it's future usefulness. Amazing how little makes it to the wastebasket. Expired, unused, ugly, broken, etc. are now treasured, even the littlest snippets of fabric and fiber. It is amazing what happens when you repurpose trash as art materials. People sell their junk journals on etsy, but I am not able to take it to that level.

    I find the internet a big saver all the way around, just as you have mentioned. Nature is also a good source of freebies.

    Have a great day!!


  6. Walking would be at the top of my list, as I have often thought about this free, convenient form of exercise that is right outside of my door.
    Water at restaurants would be second, as I enjoy going out, but always have water over soda.
    Online bill pay is also up there on my list, for its convenience.

  7. I utilize most of the things on your list with the library being my favorite. Maybe that has something to do with working there. We got all of our moving boxes from Freecycle. It was great to take advantage of the sturdy boxes that someone else had purchased. And they considered it a favor that we were taking them away. We have now passed on the boxes to other people moving.

  8. The other thing that I like about gmail for email, is that it is sometimes smarter than I am. Noticing that I used the word "attached" in an email this morning, but didn't attach anything, gmail had a pop-up box that asked me if I forgot to attach something before sending. And I had forgotten! So on my item #1 not only do I appreciate email, but also that email can be "smarter" than me, at times.

    I love all of your responses. And yes, free piles/stuff put out for garbage are great too! There was a continuous free pile in front of one house all summer. The owners were moving at the end of summer. So instead of hosting a garage sale, they put out a free pile and kept it stocked, as they found things. We actually found several useful or fun items in that pile.

    Getting sturdy moving boxes from freecycle is also a good one. And I love the idea of turning junk and trash into art. I can imagine how that could be done. I'll have to check out etsy.


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