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Friday, October 27, 2017

Cheap & Cheerful for (oh my goodness!!) the end of October

Where did the month fly to? We'll be planting spring gardens before we know it, at this rate.

This past week --

Over the weekend, we had rice and lentils, snacks, garbanzo bean spread, salads, and fruit. One daughter and I volunteered at a charity luncheon on Saturday and frankly were too full ourselves to eat much for dinner that night. Sunday's dinner was more usual, with the lentils, some veggies, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Monday -- daughter put together a dinner of baked squash, leftover rice and lentils, spinach-onion-tofu saute

Tuesday -- hot dogs in whole wheat buns, tomato wedges, sauteed cabbage

Wednesday -- (family dinner) grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato bisque, potato chips, curried slaw, pumpkin eggnog

Thursday -- leftover tomato bisque (I made a huge pot on Wednesday, sent some home with my son, and we still had enough for last night), whole wheat Yorkshire pudding wedges, tossed salad of lettuce, cabbage, tomato, and cheese cubes with homemade dressing

Friday -- after our discussion about cabbage the other day, I picked up some turkey Polish sausage. I'll be making sausage, mashed potatoes, and cabbage for dinner tonight. Thank you for the idea the other day!!

I was looking out the window today and had a thought about the landscape in autumn. Colored leaves lay everywhere in a haphazard way, yet the world looks beautiful in all of their mess. Usually I associate beauty with a somewhat tidy appearance. But there is something beautiful in nature's untidiness. In case you hadn't guessed, no one in our house has raked any leaves yet. Perhaps this weekend. But if we don't get to the raking, we can still enjoy nature's untidy beauty. Anyways, just my thought as I gazed out my window. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. How nice that your son is able to come every week for a family dinner. As you know as the kids get older, it gets harder to get everyone together.

  2. We had a big lasagna Sunday with leftovers for the early part of the week. Then another day was soft tacos with ground beef, beans, rice and that provided leftovers for the middle of the week. We also had potato/ham soup mostly for lunches during the week. I pressure cooked some smoked turkey wings for the broth to freeze and the meat to eat which wasn't very much so hubby munched on those. Last night was baked chicken and chicken fried rice.

    The fridge is empty. Even my green smoothie ingredients are gone. I was hoping not to have to big grocery haul but it looks like I might have to do that tomorrow.

    Have a nice weekend, Lili.


    1. Is it because of the weather that we Michiganders are pulling out our potato/hamsoup recipes??

      Funny dinner event tonight. I had bought Greek yogurt to use in place of sour cream. We had a Mexican skillet supper. My daughter bit into her meal (topped with yogurt) and said it tasted funny. Oops! I accidentally bought VANILLA flavored yogurt. My intrepid husband ate his (and hers) covered with the weird yogurt anyway. I don't think I could have stomached it. He said that he covered it in enough jalapeno peppers that he couldn't tell what he was eating. I have a feeling I will never hear the end of this!

  3. We had a simple week of salads and cooked once eat 3 times frozen food. It was a blessings as our high was 105 and we did not really want the stove on. It has cooled off today is forecast to be 87...The sugar maple across the street has beautiful flame colored leaves. So pretty to look out the window.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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