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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How do you store opened packages of cream cheese?

For many years, I would store an opened package of cream cheese, as is, still in the foil wrap, inside the small box. What would follow is the cheese would linger in the fridge, to mold and/or dry out inside the foil package.

About a year ago I began keeping the cream cheese on a plate, under a small glass bowl, upturned. What I noticed was that the cream cheese not only did not mold readily, as it had in the foil package, but it also was in view in the fridge, and was consumed at a faster rate.

Anyway, this is my homespun cheese dome. You can spend about $15 to $20 and buy a cheese dome, or you can simply use what's in the kitchen -- a plate and a small glass bowl. Saving the cream cheese saves money.


  1. I have always just transferred it to a 1-cup plastic (BPA-free) storage container with a lid.

  2. Where there's a will there's a way and you found another one.

  3. I usually put it in a clear sandwich baggie, but your way is much prettier!

  4. I don't have room in my refrigerator for something like that with a glass lid so I either just put it in a rubbermaid container or I wrap it back up in the foil packaging and insert it back into the box and then back in the freezer it goes until I need it again.

    I find that recipes calling for a full 8 oz block makes the dish way too rich for me so I always cut it in half (for a soup or something). But for cheesecake, we use the full amount because that can't be reduced and still expect a decent cheesecake.


  5. That's a fabulous idea! It's almost like a homemade cream cheese butter dish. I have a little glass bowl with a plastic lid that works well when I remember to use it, but alas, most of the time I'm too lazy and I end up with crusty cream cheese!

  6. Hi Lili,
    I do that very same thing with lots of foods. It saves plastic wrap/foil and definitely makes the food show up and get used before it spoils!
    Another thing I do is use a small plate to cover a pan with leftovers that I am going to refrigerate. This way I can stack other items on top of the plate, vs. the pan lid with the handle on top.

  7. I also use the sandwich bag technique, but for some reason, cream cheese is one of those items not on my radar and it tends to get moldy. Lately I've been trying to freeze leftovers--it isn't pretty when it thaws, but still works in recipes. Thanks for your suggestion!

  8. What I'm thinking is that I must have a lot more room in my fridge than others, as until Alice mentioned not enough room in hers, I hadn't even thought of that for mine. My fridge does get packed around the holidays, though, so I can understand not having room for a homespun contraption.

    I love your use of a plate, JoAnn, in place of a pot lid in the fridge. I have some pyrex casseroles that have flat plastic lids, and I love those for stacking leftovers in the fridge.

    For anyone whose cream molds or gets dried out, I have found that keeping cream cheese in a cheese dome will keep it from molding/drying out for at least a month. We use cream cheese as a spread for toast and muffins, and I think I put this last package on the plate in September, and it still hasn't molded or dried. I'm making cream of tomato soup for dinner tonight, so the last of this bar will probably be swirled into the soup just before serving.

  9. Thanks for the tip Lili! Just put my own “cheese dome” together for my cream cheese!


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