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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"Instant" egg salad sandwiches, using deviled eggs

This has been my go-to lunch or breakfast for the last several days.

I made a large batch of deviled eggs three days ago, to use surplus eggs. I think they make a great snack; and having them all ready and waiting encourages other family members to eat the eggs. Anyways, I discovered that having deviled eggs all ready makes for very quick sandwiches.

For one 1/2 sandwich (that's all I ever eat, it seems), I take 1 slice of bread and spread it with mayonnaise (not necessary, but that's how I like my sandwiches). Cut the bread in half.

Then, plop a deviled egg onto one of the halves of bread.

Squish the other half slice of bread onto the egg. And voila, one egg salad sandwich.

One of my daughters thought this was a great way to use up leftover deviled eggs, you know, after a picnic or large family dinner/brunch. So, I thought I'd share, as it works so well for sandwiches in a hurry.


  1. Oh yum! I love egg salad and deviled eggs. I haven't made either in a long time. I think I'll do that soon. That is a great idea to make a sandwich with a deviled egg! Thanks!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yum, that does look good. I don't ever make deviled eggs but I have made lots of egg salad.


  3. If we ever end up with deviled eggs, I'll remember that. We don't have them very often, so they're a treat that are always devoured.

  4. A half sandwich wouldn't hold me. Wish it did! We don't make deviled eggs around here but I do love me some egg salad. I've been thinking about hard-boiling eggs as an after-school snack. Thanks for giving me a prod in that direction!

  5. Hi, Lili --

    This is a great idea, and I'm sure is delicious. Only one problem around here...

    We NEVER have "leftover" deviled eggs! LOL

    Doesn't matter how many I make, they all get eaten, PDQ.

    Have a good day! Hugs-- Sara

  6. We're serving egg salad on bagels for breakfast this morning. I didn't know deviled eggs was not just another name! I have been using it interchangeably lol

    Egg prices have nearly doubled. Several weeks ago, we could buy it on sale for .99/dz, this week it is $9.99 for 5 dozen at Costco and Sam"s.

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. I love it! Although, to be honest, using up leftover deviled eggs has never been a problem for me - it's keeping myself from inhaling a dozen at a time that's my issue! :-)

  8. Sounds great. We love deviled eggs and egg salad, so this would be right up our alley. :)

  9. How clever! I would never have thought of that--but it's a really great idea!

  10. And it made me so hungry for egg salad that I made that to go with my soup for supper last night! I now have an egg salad sandwich for lunch and I want to eat it now! it's only 9:53 am!


    1. You made me smile today, Alice. :) Sara


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