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Monday, November 13, 2017

I'm working on a big project, plus have some other stuff

This week and next will be super busy for me. We have birthdays, Thanksgiving, a big project for me, and all of family life's other little things to tend to. I'm still living frugally, mostly by force of not having time to actually spend much money.

  • We still continue to cook all of our meals at home. 
  • I made laundry soap, again, as we ran out last week, and I haven't had time to buy more. (And by homemade laundry soap I mean I melted a bar of hotel soap in a pan of water, and just use the gloppy, melted soap for the laundry.) Homemade laundry soap doesn't remove stains or whiten as well for us as commercial detergent, but it cleans the fabric (gets dirt and oil out, just not stains) well enough in a pinch. 
  • I used a gift card and coupon to order myself a new fleece jacket, as my old one now has several holes and bald spots (13 years old and worn daily for 9 months of the year). I can sew up the holes, but I can't reweave the bald spots. Besides, as it is balding, it doesn't keep me warm like it used to. 
  • I used the library for books that I needed, instead of buying the books. 
  • My daughter used a coupon code for Redbox for a free movie that she wanted to see. 
  • I made a so-so dinner on Friday; we ate it anyway, and remedied the blandness at the table with a small pitcher of soy sauce for everyone to add.
  • My daughter made Monday's dinner in advance. She will be home late tonight, so she put together a casserole on Sunday, which just needs heating, and everyone can serve themselves.
  • We received the gift of pumpkin-spice coffee creamer on Friday, so we've been enjoying flavored beverages all weekend, for no extra cost.
  • I watched a show on my laptop, through, for free. We don't have cable or satellite, just rabbit ears.
  • I continue to use up what we have, such as face cream samples, hotel soap and shampoo samples, perfume samples, and a brand of vitamins which I don't enjoy as much as another brand, but we have them, so I'm finishing them.
What's new in your life? How was your weekend? I hope that your week is off to a great start. 


  1. Wow! Make sure to get enough rest during this very busy time.

    I have my times of being overly busy but since I'm still struggling with the time change I can't add any more busyness or I'll get sick.

    I have a jacket that I've been wearing for probably 15 years AND I bought it at a resale store. It's wearing out but I keep wearing it. I did buy another one at an estate sale about three years ago and I wear that too once in a while.

    I bought a new purse to replace a leather one. The leather one was expensive and I wanted it to last forever but the shoulder straps are NOT LEATHER and they have all flaked off and constantly slip off my shoulder. The manufacturer really doesn't want to deal with me--need a receipt, want pictures--yada, yada, yada. In due time I will look but that is a hefty task. So I bought a crossbody purse. It is good for traveling since it has anti-theft clips on it. That's my splurge.


    1. Hi Alice,
      Oh that's a bummer about the purse strap. It does sound like you found a good purse to use in its place.

      Your jacket is an example of the better quality that used to go into manufacturing of all sorts of things, clothing included. Happy for you!
      Have a wonderful evening, Alice!

  2. You are doing well at holding the line in your budget, despite the busyness in your life. So hard to do when the stress is on!

    Wondering what you watched on PBS. I've been watching Poldark and enjoying it.

    Works is highly stressful. The hospital has a new, system-wide computer system so we are all learning ... slowly. Doesn't help that I don't work full time. Feeling frustrated today. But they are offering free coffee (the good kind) to employees (as well as snacks) so I've been making good use of that! We enjoyed leftover pea soup for supper tonight--good thing to have on hand, as I wasn't really feeling up to cooking.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Yummy, split pea soup! No matter how today went at work, it's now over, and you can enjoy family time. But I understand the frustration of learning a new technological thing.

      I was watching The Durrells in Corfu. It's funny in a British humor sort of way. I haven't watched Poldark yet. I'll try that next.
      Have a nice evening, Kris!

    2. I've also been watching the Durrells but I have to see it online as there is a schedule conflict. I enjoy dry British humor. And it's fun to see the beautiful scenery.

  3. Sounds like you have a daughter who is a good planner. More than once you've mentioned she's cooked ahead when she had a conflicting schedule. She has learned from the best.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Yes, she's a great planner. She cooks on Sunday's, for Monday's dinner. She always comes up with something that can sit in the fridge and be reheated, and does a great job. I've really appreciated her taking this on. You, of course, understand how wonderful it is when your kids cook some of the family meals.
      Have a great day, live and learn.


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