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Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I did my big, monthly stock-up shopping, with 1 1/2 weeks until my next big stock-up

. . . and I think I may have bought just the right amount of most things. I was afraid that we would plow through the produce and boxed items (crackers and granola bars), but we seem to be pacing ourselves. I tucked away a portion of the treat items, and brought them out just this week (at the half-way mark). And I did go to Fred Meyer on Saturday to pick up a green pepper (while there also got a free bag of tortilla chips, and bought a marked down container of guacamole -- 79 cents), and again this morning to get our Easter ham, 6 bananas, and a freebie candy bar. That's just 6 items (2 of which were freebies) picked up in the last 2  1/2 weeks. No other grocery shopping since my stock-up. Variety will surely dwindle as the month nears its end, but I think we'll do okay. We even have enough milk to get through till the next shopping.

Overall, this is very good news. I have our Easter ham, and enough other ingredients to put together a nice Easter dinner. I also have a good sense of what I need to buy at April's stock-up shopping.

The last week of the month is a stretch for many. It seems that the variety dwindles and we have to get creative to make interesting dishes. And sometimes meals just have to be less-interesting, and that's okay, too. Do you have a favorite tip for making that last week of meals interesting, when variety in your supplies is all but gone?


  1. Whoo-hoo, Lili. You rock! Glad this month's purchases are working out so well. I like the idea of setting some of the "goodies" aside for later/upcoming special occasion. I do that here, and it works out well. I know we're an instant gratification society, but we try to sometimes defer until a time we'll appreciate it more. ;)

    I'm not sure that I'm more creative at the end of the month/period between shopping trips, per se; but that's when I'm especially happy to have some extra pantry/freezer items. When the "usuals" are getting low, that's when I tend to dig a little for something in reserve which will work stretch what I have.

    It must be much more difficult for anyone who doesn't have a back-up of staples, which I'm blessed to always have. If all else fails, there's an awful lot you can make (even interesting, different-than-usual things) from flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, rice, etc., with a very few other little herbs, spice, canned goods, frozen, or dry items. It makes me so thankful to see these items around my home!

    In other frugal news, today I resisted the temptation to pick up fast food when I had to run errands at mealtime. Need to get cooking, now that I'm back, though. ;) Take care-- Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks! I agree -- it's so helpful to have some freezer or pantry items that can be transformed into a good meal.

      Good job on not getting the fast food. I'm sure you came up with something delicious as soon as you came home. This past week I've been trying to keep a few quick lunch things for myself. Yesterday, while I was making dinner, I went ahead and made most of today's lunch for myself. It's just sauteed veggies and a couple of meatballs. I'll make rice or ramen noodles to go with it. Just knowing I have that made will make lunchtime easier for me (appts later this morning).
      Have a great weekend, Sara!

  2. Your years of working hard on maximizing your grocery budget are once again paying off. I find the fewer things I have to work with, the more creative I am. I consider it a challenge and find it kind of fun. But when all else fails, we always have beans. A filling and inexpensive meal.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Some months I find the challenge fun, other months, not so much. I'm trying to see it in the more positive light.
      Beans -- you're right, we can always have beans. Do you have favorite ways to season them/serve them?
      Have a great weekend, live and learn!

  3. I'm glad I have a little stock in my freezer. I really needed a meal tonight but just no energy to plan. So, in 5 minutes this morning before work, I grabbed a cheap, reduced priced roast from the freezer and cut it into 4 pieces and threw it into the crockpot with a couple of peeled potatoes and then some unpeeled (ran out of time), with 1/2 an onion and salt and pepper and water. That was quite a tasty dinner tonight.

    I also did buy a small ham at local discount grocery store for $3.33 which was marked down 50% off. Will cook that thing next Wednesday as I won't be having a formal Easter dinner.

    The only thing I need for groceries is fresh items but I might be able to get by another week with what we have on hand.


    1. Hi Alice,
      What an awesome meal that you threw together. I bet it was delicious and "hit the spot." The variety in fresh items are what we miss by the end of the month. But at least we do have some fresh produce and dairy. Good luck as you finish up your month. Have a wonderful weekend, Alice!

  4. I accidentally left a box of granola bars in my car this week and I would stick one in my sub bag each day as I was getting out of the car. It actually worked out pretty good since I had one for every day this week. I may have to leave them in there all the time. LOL

    The last week of the month is usually a stretch for us too. I just try my best to get creative and somehow we always manage to make it through.

    1. Hi Belinda,
      How serendipitous! Wow, that's terrific how well that worked out. I will be working on my own creativity this last week.
      I hope your day is off to a wonderful start, Belinda!

  5. Herbs and spices to change up tastes and ethnic recipes so it isn't the same old thing.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Oh, yes, ethnic recipes do change things up. I have a Moroccan recipe that I haven't made in years. That may be on tonight's menu. It's a "pocket" sandwich recipe, but I think it will work wrapped in flour tortillas just as well. Thanks for the suggestions. Have a lovely weekend, Sandy!

  6. I have been looking for a good price on ham but haven't found one yet. Where did you get yours?

    1. Hi Ruthie,
      Fred Meyer for $1.27/lb on the Kroger brand spiral-sliced. I don't know if the sale price goes beyond Saturday this week, or not. So, hurry if that's a good price for you.
      Have a great weekend, Ruthie!


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