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Friday, December 7, 2018

The Finished Tins

So, yesterday I showed you the assortment of tins that I chose with which to build a treat tower and the results of spray painting 2 of the tins gold. Here's what I did to finish those tins.

The lid of the small round tin has an embossed design.

I covered that lid with a wreath of faux greenery, berries, and blossoms, using a hot glue gun.

I also hot-glued a red ribbon around the bottom part of the large square tin, so it would harmonize with the other tins. Here is a side view of the stack. (The lid does fit properly on the bottom tin. I just didn't want to press it on just yet -- waiting for the paint to harden.)

And here's what the top of the stack looks like. I think it's pretty. I could spray paint all of the tins gold, but I like the way this looks as it is. What do you think?

Reminder of what the tins looked like before.

My total cost for these tins? Nothing. The tins, spray paint, faux greenery, ribbon, and glue stick were items that I already had. I'm pretty pleased. When I make a gift, I try to make it as attractive as possible, so that even finicky recipients will be pleased.


  1. They look great and will make for a very nice gift, Lili.

    1. Thank you, Belinda. That is sweet of you to say.

  2. It looks pretty and someone is going to be very happy with it. I didn't realize that there were 4 tins you were filling. There's going to be a lot of goodies in all of those tins. I wish I were getting it.

    1. Thank you, live and learn. I agree, I think this will be a lot of treats. It's been fun to plan.

  3. You are very talented and resouceful. Well done, Lili

    1. Thank you, Carol. I think they look respectable for gifting, now.

  4. Lovely! I would be so tickled to receive, and I know the recipient will!



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