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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Those Holiday Leftover Odds and Ends

I could not coax anybody to drink that last cup of eggnog. It sat and sat in the fridge for days and had developed a hint of a sour taste to it. So, what do you do with leftover eggnog or flavored coffee creamer? Two of our favorite uses for leftover eggnog are these Eggnog Scones and eggnog pancakes. As I was making dinner last night, I also cooked a batch of eggnog pancakes for today's breakfast. I used the last cup of eggnog in place of some of the milk and added a 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a bit of butter flavoring in a regular pancake recipe. They turned out delicious and were a great use for that last bit of eggnog.

Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer can also be substituted for some of the milk in pancakes or waffles. The Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer is a little more difficult to use in recipes, as the main flavor notes are mint and cocoa. However, I think this creamer would be a tasty substitution for milk in a fudge frosting for brownies. We've also been using it in mugs of cocoa and may try the last of it in a pot of mint-chocolate pudding or freezing it in small single-serving containers for use some time in the future.

I don't normally buy flavored coffee creamers. However, having these at home kept my seasonal coffee drinking costs to a minimum. The creamers were on sale for $1.99 each. I used a couple of tablespoons in a cup of coffee, making my cost for a Pumpkin-Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha Latte about 10-15 cents per cup. A single, green mermaid seasonal coffee cost more than the entire bottle of flavored creamer. I think it was a pretty good deal for me.


  1. Holiday leftovers can be good and bad. I made a pretzel raspberry dessert but it really wasn't popular with the extended family. Now the pretzel crust is getting soggy and nobody wants to eat it at all. I tried to scrape the cream cheese layer and jello layer off from the pretzel layer so we'll see if anyone wants it now. I doubt it. I might have to throw it away. Other than that we don't have a lot left that I hadn't already frozen (broth).

    I want to stay healthy and within budget but tonight will be a tight night to get dinner made in time for a family member's early departure. I was going to take out a box of hamburger helper but changed my mind early this morning. I got up very early and prepared a tater tot casserole instead. My daughter will get that into the oven on time. I have a couple boxes of HH in the pantry that we got on sale a long time ago. I don't love them but they have saved a night when we were not able to get our act together. We also have some salad that has to be eaten tonight before it goes bad.

    I won't be going grocery shopping this weekend except for eggs that I'll need for making more breakfast tortillas. I made 48 of them up all at once and freeze them for quick and easy breakfasts.


    1. Hi Alice,
      you sound very together with your kitchen management! Great work!
      I've had something like that jello dessert, only I think it had cherry pie filling in it. It was very tasty and my kids loved it. It was served at another family's house and called a "salad," as it had fruit in it. We all got a chuckle out of that, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

  2. Hi, Lili--

    Glad you were able to use the end of the eggnog. We've done that sort of thing, too, though around here, it's usually not hard to finish off a carton of eggnog. :)

    Actually, when I saw the top of your post, I thought you were going to be commenting on the store's "leftovers" -- seasonal items that go on sale right at or after the holidays. A lot of years, we enjoy picking up great deals on holiday products at the store in the days after, because we stay "in the mood" for a while after. :)

    Hope 2019 is a good year for everyone! Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      We've done that many years, too -- bought up after-holiday foods to enjoy. In fact, marked down eggnog is about the only commercial eggnog that we buy. (the yellow tag in the photo probably discloses that little detail about my shopping!)
      We continue to celebrate Christmas through Epiphany, so while the stores are moving holiday items out, we're still celebrating.
      wishing you a great 2019, to!

  3. I think the flavored creamers are an excellent idea if you want a seasonal coffee. I drink mine black nearly all the time, but during the holidays I love a late night mocha on occasion. the bottle of creamer is well worth the price for a Christmas "fix".

    1. Hi Anne,
      I'm a black coffee drinker most of the time, too. I just prefer it that way. The flavored coffees are more like a treat item for me. As a result, those bottles of creamer last a long time in our house. As a bonus, they "keep" much, much longer than dairy products, so I only have to buy them once in the season.
      Happy New Year, Anne!

  4. I love it at church when they have the flavored creamers for coffee time. I'm not a huge coffee drinker but it would look strange if I just drank the creamer straight up. ;) I think it's the little splurges that make holidays special--tasty creamer is right up there! And you reminded me--I never bought eggnog this year. Kinda forgot about it. I think we're all tired of holiday eating, though, so maybe next year.

    1. Hey Kris,
      That's not strange to drink the creamer! My husband accompanies me to Horrock's for coffee but he first pours himself a half inch of so of half and half to drink first, then he pours a little coffee which he may or may not add half and half to!

    2. The creamer is so tasty! BTW, I know what pretzel raspberry dessert you're talking about and it's delish! It wouldn't have lasted long in my house.

    3. Hi Kris,
      I think my family felt the same way about the eggnog this last week -- hence the eggnog pancakes. But we've still been eating some holiday cookies and candies, so not completely out of the holiday eating mode.
      wishing you a happy New Year, Kris!

  5. I'm not an eggnog drinker or a coffee drinker for that matter. However, pancakes with eggnog sound delicious.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      this batch was really pretty delicious. I'm not much of a pancake or waffle eater, but I made sure to make these good, by adding vanilla, butter flavoring, and extra nutmeg. They tasted like cake with less sugar -- must've been the butter flavoring and the vanilla extract.
      Wishing you well in the New Year, live and learn!

  6. Do you ever make your own coffee creamers? I do frequently; mint mocha creamer and cinnamon roll creamer using half and half, and sometimes even 2% milk if I don't have any half and half on hand. Since I never, (almost never), buy coffee drinks when out and about, my homemade creamers certainly save money.

    I wouldn't have thought of using the leftover creamers and eggnog as you did. In fact, I poured some old eggnog down the drain!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I've only made soy creamer before. Your homemade flavored coffee creamers sound very clever and tasty. What I have done is to add vanilla and almond extract, along with soy or almond milk for delicious coffee drinks, one cup at a time. And I have made my own coffee syrups before, too (pumpkin-spice syrup, using real pumpkin). Thank you for the suggestion to make the flavored coffee creamers. I'll try that next year!
      Wishing you well in 2019, Linda!


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