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Monday, January 14, 2019

Value Village Finds this Afternoon

I have great luck at Value Village this afternoon. I was searching for a bathmat to go with the towels that I am dyeing for my daughters' bathroom. My plan is to dye the whole lot a peachy-pink, using fabric dye that was leftover from previous projects. At Value Village I found a pale pink bathmat that almost exactly matches the pink towels that I already have, so the dye job should look pretty good. And get this, my cost was 99 cents!

My out of pocket cost for this revamped towel set will be the 99 cents for the bathmat, and $2.40 for the 4 washcloths that I bought last summer. The pink bath and hand towels were hand-me-downs from my in-laws 15 years ago, and as I mentioned, the dye is leftover from other projects. Therefore, my total cost for a "new" set of towels for this bathroom is $3.39! I've run the wash cloths and bathmat through the laundry to remove any sizing (new washcloths) or fabric softener (bathmat), as either of those substances could inhibit the dye job. I'll let you know how these look when they are dyed and dried.

One of my daughters came with me to Value Village, and she had a lot she wanted to look at, so I lingered for a bit while waiting for her. In the glassware section, I found 3 juice glasses that will go with the 4 we currently have. Super glad to have found these juice glasses. I prefer a small glass for juice, and as we only had 4 juice glasses, whenever the entire family was there for a family breakfast, we were short on these small glasses. I had been pricing replacements through Amazon, and the cost just didn't seem worth it.


  1. Great Value Village find! I live in Redmond, WA, and I love ours. But sometimes their items are really overpriced. For example, they sell Pyrex-type pie pans for $5.99, and you can often get a brand new one on sale for cheaper than that. But you can get great deals on other things, it just depends.
    - Tina

    1. Hi Tina,
      I know! Their pricing can be highly variable. In November, I was shopping for some tops and found a couple of Ann Taylor Loft sweaters for about $6 each. Then yesterday, I looked through the tops and sweaters while waiting for my daughter and the Ann Taylor Loft's that I found were both priced at $11.99.
      That's crazy about the Pyrex pie plates. I pays to check around and know prices. It sounds like you do a great job in that department, Tina!

  2. Great finds a VV. Did your daughter find other things when she was looking around?

    1. Hi live and learn,
      She did, but wisely resisted making purchases. She's saving for a car right now. Every penny counts!


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