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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Learning Something New

This is something that I've been doing in the evenings as I'm relaxing. I'm not spending a lot of time on it, but I can see some progress already. I'm teaching myself Spencerian Script. I'm hoping that when I add a greeting to the inside of a blank or homemade card, my penmanship will be elegant enough to make even a humble, hand-crafted card look special.

Right now, I'm working on 2 specific phrases: Happy Birthday and Happy Easter, both very apropos for the season. The beauty in this script is really in the capital letters, so I am focusing on those for now. Anyway, this is one of the many skills that you can teach yourself for absolutely free (or the cost of a tablet of paper and a pen), using the internet. I know that there are lots and lots of DIY home improvement resources online, too. There are so many things that I have discovered how to fix using the web. Later this spring, I'll be replacing the gasket for our refrigerator door. Yep, saw instructions for that online, too. But, I think I'm enjoying learning the script more than home improvement stuff. It's just more fun to me.

What fun, free skills have you taught yourself using the internet?


  1. I learned how to change the cabin air filter and the regular air filter on my truck. This is after taking it to the garage to get them to do it. Their estimate for the one in the cabin (in the glovebox) was $250.00. I ordered 2 of each filter online and changed them out for $20.00. Total score for a newly single girl who had never done this kind of thing before! I love reading your blog!

  2. The script looks like the cursive that our parents and grandparents had to learn in school. I'm sure it will add a nice touch to your already beautifully done gift presentations.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Yes, it does look like what previous generations learned in school. There are more elaborate versions, but I'm sticking with the simpler one.
      My own cursive is poor, so I do hope this will be an improvement for cards and such.
      I hope you're enjoying a restful weekend.

  3. The internet and Youtube has some awesome tutorials on just about everything. I can now change burned out light bulbs on my van. I showed my son to do the same on his old car. Hubby has fixed my overhead dome light in my van and he has fixed a plugged up wiper washer on my son's new vehicle. He has tried to fix my dryer when the heat went out but that was a totally different issue than what he swapped out so we still needed the repair guy. He has replaced the gasket on my parents' refrigerator. There is so much more we have learned from the internet and youtube.

    I did a little creative lettering when I did scrapbooking. I have quit doing scrapbooking now that the kids are adults. It was an expensive hobby and I quit the heavy part of it at high school graduation and only put a few items it during college. I think it is a fad of the past already.

    1. Hi Alice,
      Good for you! And doubly good that you also showed your son. I need to figure out how to replace a rear light on my car. I've done the front lights, but not the rear ones.

      The kind of scrapbooking that was so popular when my girls were young was much more expensive than my own childhood scrapbooking. I had a large book of empty pages into which I glued or taped memorabilia (like movie ticket stubs, newspaper articles/photos). It was not artful in any sort of way. Then in the 80s and 90s scrapbooking became so much more creative, but also expensive. I didn't do much of it, because of cost and time. I think that's wonderful that you did so much as your kids were growing up. They'll treasure those when they're older.

  4. How neat, Lili. That will look beautiful on any card or letter.

  5. I love looking at beautiful script but don't have the patience to do it myself!

    I don't know if it counts as "free", but I have learned a lot of knitting techniques via Youtube, as well as cooking/baking skills. A couple of years ago when our oven wasn't heating right, I Googled it and found you could replace the heating element for $25--I ordered it, my husband installed it, and our oven lives on! Not that I wouldn't mind a new cooking range, but it certainly saved a lot of money!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Learning more about knitting through youtube definitely "counts."

      Yea for extending the life of your oven! Because it sounds like the oven is part of the range/stove, you saved a whole lot of money by replacing the element. Not just the cost of a new range, but you know how it always goes -- the new range makes the old fridge look ancient. The then new fridge makes the old sink look dingy. And on and on!

  6. I so appreciate your posts. Your ideas are elegant, simple, modest, and from the heart. Reading today's post on penmanship makes me happy. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, knitter4years.


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