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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thank You! And the Menu for the Reception

Thank you, all of you, for your wonderful soup suggestions. After reading so many thumbs-up for a tomato-basil soup, that is what I decided to go with. I make a pretty good tomato soup using canned tomato products, and right now, I happen to have canned tomato paste and canned whole tomatoes in stock. I'll use a combination of dried and fresh basil (I only have a small amount of fresh basil right now). In addition, I picked up some short grissini (breadsticks)  and shaved Parmesan cheese for the cups of soup. I think this will work out well and add another dimension to the reception.

Okay, so here's the full menu:

Tomato-basil soup (in the crockpot), served in cups, with breadsticks and Parmesan

3 kinds of sandwiches
  • ham, Swiss, and Dijon on homemade sliced French bread
  • shrimp and pasta salad in homemade cream puffs
  • chicken salad with homemade cranberry sauce on mini croissants
A large bowl of potato salad

3 kinds of hot appetizers
  • mini veggie egg rolls (frozen item - Walmart)
  • spanakopita (frozen item - Fred Meyer)
  • smoked sausage and tater-tot kabobs on toothpicks
A tray of homemade hummus and crackers (Dollar Tree)

A veggie and dip tray

The dessert buffet will have:

Mixed nuts
Boxed chocolates
A platter of meringue cookies
Homemade carrot sheet cake
A big jar of jelly beans (bought on clearance priced at 3 bags for 50 cents)
chocolate fondue in a mini crockpot, with plain tea biscuits, whole strawberries, marshmallows, orange segments, and pretzel sticks for dipping

Lilac lemonade and water for beverages. I was going to add a tea, but now with the soup using up the cups and crockpot, I'll skip tea. 

Two days before, I'll make the hummus and prepare a veggie tray. I'll be able to make the chicken salad, potato salad, and tomato-basil soup the day before. The morning of the reception, I can make the shrimp salad, assemble all of the sandwiches, and frost the cake (already baked and in the freezer). 

I think that there is enough variety that anyone with dietary restrictions should still be able to find a lot that they can eat. Any suggestions? 


  1. I think you have outdone yourself. You have a great variety of foods and there should be something for everyone. I hope you are able to enjoy the celebration--do you have others who can help you with the work?

  2. Such a beautiful, festive spread!! Have you thought of going into the catering or party planning business? Not everyone has this ability, so they often choose to cater the usual trite menu from a local establishment or have a buffet reception held at a restaurant. Both very expensive and boring...


  3. Wow, what an incredible spread!! Would love to see how you're doing the shrimp and pasta salad in homemade cream puffs!

  4. What a nice and large variety of foods. I have never seen the tatar tot and sausage kabobs before. Sounds easy and delicious. I hope I can remember that the next time I need an appetizer.

    Good luck. I'm sure it will be a wonderful day for your daughter and guests.

  5. Wow, take plenty of pictures.
    Your menu choices would be inspiration for many posts.
    Love to hear how you are doing decorating and table set up.
    People seem to love unique food items/ presentation.. Your lilac punch will be a hit.
    Everyone will be fed and watered and have a place to sit for conversation. Your hospitality is wonderful and it shows with this planning.

  6. Everything sounds wonderful to me! Enjoy yourself and your daughter's big day, Lili! Melissa


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