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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Progress Plus What I've Been Doing With the Runny, Tail End of Jars of Homemade Yogurt

Here's my "blackberry freezer." It's about the size of a dishwasher. Hard to see, but that top shelf is completely full, so is the bottom shelf, and in the middle, there's enough room for about 4 more quarts of blackberries. I think we have had blackberries in some form or another for every day of this month, plus we've been freezing as many as we could.

Remember last week, I soaked spinach seeds in a dish of water overnight, then planted them in seed-starting trays the next day? Well, they are coming up! I think soaking them overnight helped speed the germination. These plants will fill the trough in which I currently have the beets -- we're eating those quickly! We should at the very least have enough leafy greens from the garden through October this year.

If you make you own yogurt, this is one of those questions most of us have -- what to do with the runny last bit of yogurt at the bottom of the jars? Well, this summer, I've been using that runny yogurt/whey to start a batch of creamy salad dressing. I simply add vinegar, oil, salt, and dried chives to the yogurt and shake it up well. Then I stir in some mayonnaise, and I've got a jar of creamy, almost ranch-type dressing. 

I think this is a good way to use something that is no longer appetizing. Waste not, want not.


  1. It's always exciting to see those first green leaves poke above the dirt. Yay!

  2. I can barely get into my freezer or fridge right now--while I was out of town over the weekend, my husband went to the farm market. Good thing I like produce!

  3. It is exciting, live and learn! Of course, I've always thought that I was easily entertained. Maybe you, too.

  4. Happy eating, Kris! What a wonderful surprise to come home to.


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