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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Where's Your Blessing This Month?

I'll show you one of mine. Even though I feel that making our grocery budget on a shoestring work is an impossible task, I can see that we will have blackberry pie all August long. Yes, that's a blessing! My pantry, fridge , and freezer may sometimes look skimpy to me, but the Lord has provided an abundance of blackberries, a big bag of sugar, and the makings for pie pastry. How I can I feel neglected by God if I can have pie every night, if I want?

My daughter picked an ice cream pail full of blackberries on Tuesday, so I made this pie for Wednesday and Thursday desserts. Being able to have blackberry pie all month long feels truly indulgent.

Where have you found your blessings lately?


  1. We are all blessed everyday if we just look for it. Today I was blessed with a ton of kale, lettuce and 3 peppers from my garden. Free food shopping in my own yard. Can't get better then that. The pie looks wonderful. Enjoy every bite.

  2. Oh my mouth is watering. We have had some major medical bills this summer and I work at a school and have the summers off, hence no paycheck. However, my husband's business has had a fortunate turn of events that will help offset our expenses. That is a blessing that we just received. Thank you for helping me recognize it!

  3. My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. To celebrate, we as a family went to a lovely state park where we went hiking and sightseeing. The weather was warm but sunny. They treated us to the entire experience--lodging and meals. It was a wonderful break from the daily grind and gave us all time to enjoy each other (and no one had to cook or do dishes!). They are very frugal and had saved their money to be able to treat all of us. We are feeling very blessed right now!

  4. Here's another blessing for my household. My daughter is pet-sitting a couple of times this summer for the same woman. This last time, the woman had a watermelon that she didn't think she could eat before it spoiled, so she gave it to my daughter. I had planned on buying a watermelon for August. This will spare us about $2 in our grocery budget so that we can stock up on something else.

  5. I have been blessed by the gift of a wonderful husband for the past 48 years. My kids are planning a great 80th birthday celebration for him. He dislikes parties so we are going to go into Chicago several times. We will be taking an architectural tour on the Chicago River. My husband has a keen interest in architecture as his grandfather worked for Daniel Burnam, who helped to create the design of Chicago after the Great Fire of 1871. Also, we will attend a Chicago Cubs game. My husband's orphaned great-great grandfather immigrated from present day Germany shortly after Chicago was incorporated as a city. Chicago was built by many many immigrants as was all of our great cities. Another word of thanks should go out to their memories!

    We can't afford these little trips ourselves so this will please him no end. My kids adore him and are so generous with us!

  6. Like you, my blessings seem to be the bountiful produce I am getting from my garden...beans, broccoli, beets, onions and raspberries/blueberries and soon to be black berries! So with all that produce, my family has been eating very healthy and I been able to be generous with neighbors, friends and co-workers. Lisa

  7. My husband owns an apartment maintenance business. The end of July through mid August we have turn. We get apartments ready as old tenants move out, we go in and get them ready for new tenants. This has gotten me several goodies that I am especially thankful for. A smaller frying pan, a tall lamp for my bedside, several rolls of toilet paper, a round beach towel, and glass container w/ lid. There were several items that I brought home that didn't work for me that I took and put in the dumpster. The tenants just left the items in the apartments. Several of our workers got plenty of items as well. I count these items as blessings because no money left my pocket.

    All the money that I saved on those items I will use to buy blackberries because your pies have got me wanting one.😂

    For my "Fill the fridge Friday ", I made the 3 dozen sausage balls, 2 lemon pies for freezer, macaroni salad. I will cook the chicken tonight for chicken salad in the crockpot. This will also be a blessing this weekend to have prepared food in the fridge.

    Have a great weekend Lili!

  8. Also Lili, I am planning some of next month's grocery budget for Labor day sales. Hopefully we will get some great prices on those items.

  9. Our biggest blessing is my dh's blood sugar is very stable and even though we won't have any delicious BlackBerry pie it is ok. We have been paying for food, gas, and rent for my 22 year old son and today he got a second job. Don't feel bad for him he was only working 15 hours a week so it was about time. He now can start paying more and learn about life.


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