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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Silvery Leaves

The other week, when I was spray-painting the paper stars, I also painted more leaves. I had previously painted all of the leaves that I'd gathered in early October with a gold spray-paint. One of you lovely people suggested that I paint some leaves in other metallic colors. Since I had a can of matte silver, that's what I chose. I went outside and gathered more leaves to press and dry. Then a week later, I painted this batch.

Having different colors of leaves adds depth and interest to the layout. If I could make one other addition, I would buy a can of copper or rose gold spray-paint for 3 metallic shades. However, the two matte metallic shades are also nice. So, thank you for the comment, friend!

As I mentioned before, the smaller of these leaves (the birch leaves) will be reused on holiday packages in December. I love that I can get additional use from our Thanksgiving table decor.


  1. What a pretty table. I like how you have layered everything for depth. I don't have a separate dining room--I sometimes think it would be fun to have another dining area so I could decorate it and then have the everyday one for all of our everyday clutter. :)

  2. I briefly thought of picking some leaves and doing that but then winter came and it was too late. But I'm also not hosting dinner either so that's ok. I really need to pick up a couple cans of spray paint--both silver and gold as I can see that there are so many uses for that color. Keep the good festive ideas coming. If they are simple enough I might try it. By the way, I'm not very crafty so everything crafty is tricky for me. My son never liked art class in school either. My oldest daughter I have no idea how crafty she is and my youngest does stuff with museum collections and is artsy in that area but not so much in the drawing, molding, painting type of art.


  3. Thanks, ladies! This was a fun and very easy project. I like how they turned out, too.
    Hope you all had a wonderful day!


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