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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Garden "Bouquet" in Winter

There may not be any flowers in my garden right now, but that doesn't mean I can't have bouquets in winter. 

There are plenty of evergreen boughs and shrubs or trees with red berries to cluster together in a vase. Evergreen bouquets make beautiful holiday decor, cost nothing, and are super quick to assemble.

In about 10 minutes, I "made" some holiday decor to cheer me on these short and cold days.


  1. Such a beautiful bouquet, Lili. I love the bright red berries. I'll have to look for some outside today.

  2. I think winter bouquets are some of prettiest and yours shows that. Nice job.

  3. That looks so pretty! Do the berries and greens last long in a vase with water?


  4. Lovely, as usual. I love red berries. Your greens reminded me that I no longer have a source for fresh greenery in the winter--last year our spruce tree died and we had to cut it down. I used to cut a few boughs for my fireplace mantel but now I use a fake garland. Enjoy the sights and smells of your bouquet!

  5. Thank you, Belinda. The berries were from a deciduous shrub/tree so the branches have lost all of their leaves. Clustered in with evergreen branches, the bareness of the twiggy branches of the berry shrub is unnoticeable in an arrangement. I hope you find something beautiful in your garden today!

  6. Thank you, Live and Learn.
    I love the way winter bouquets look, too.

  7. Hi Shelby,
    The greens and berries will look good for about 3-4 weeks when kept in water, depending on variety. If I recall correctly, in past years, the greens have lasted longer than the berries, so I may need to refill this vase once more before the holidays are over. After clipping branches outdoors, cut the stems once more before putting into a vase of water. It doesn't take long for the branch's sap to seal off the stem, so a second clipping will keep the branches looking fresh longer. I usually need to trim the branches anyway, as I'm making my bouquet, in order to get everything the right length. You may find this to be true, too.
    Good luck!

  8. Hi Kris,
    Oh, that's too bad about your spruce. I wish I could send you some boughs. We have more than our fair share, here! But that's great that you have some garland that you can use. They sell those fragrance sticks for hanging on artificial trees. In addition to hanging a couple on our trees, I put a couple of them on top of the heat vent cover to add fragrance to the room -- really nice.


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