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Monday, December 16, 2019

My No-Cost Gift Presentation for Homemade Earrings

I've written and photo'd my earrings that I made this fall to give for holiday gifts. I'm now finished with all of the pairs of earrings that I've wanted to make for this season. The task, now, is to package them as nicely as I can without incurring extra cost.

This is what I've come up with. Small rectangles of card stock that were spray painted along the edges (posted here) that I then used decorative edge scissors along one long edge, after which I poked small holes with a straight pin for hanging/fixing the ear wires. I'm satisfied with how this looks for gift presentation.

I made 10 pairs of earrings for gifting this year. Some are variations of the same design, while other designs were made for just one pair. Here are the last few that I finished, with the snowmen in the upper left as the only pair that I don't think I shared with you.

I hope that any handmade gifts that you've been working on are now about wrapped up, and you can take a little time to relax and enjoy the season.


  1. They are so pretty! You seem to really enjoy creating them. I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled--and your gift presentation is lovely.

  2. So pretty! I love all your different shapes. You did great curving the wire. And the packaging is lovely too. I have wire and beads from some years ago. At some point I should use them to handcraft items myself. Is that silver wire you used?

  3. They are so pretty. I'm not very creative but I have knit dishcloths in various colors. I also have made those hanging hand towels that can be buttoned over a drawer handle or hung on the refrigerator door. They aren't perfect but they are the best I could do.

    I would love to give a set or two away to a couple of your commentors if there is a way to do so. Just remember not to be too critical of my work!


  4. What a lovely gift! Very creative on your part, both the earrings themselves and the packaging!

  5. They look great, homemade gifts are special meaning, I'm sure they'll be treasured for years to come.


  6. I used to make earrings, among other things, but my presentation was not as nice as yours. I used undecorated card stock. On some of them, I was lucky to get nice, old commercial earring boxes and cards to use. Yours look very pretty and I'm sure the recipients will enjoy them.


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