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Friday, February 14, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Valentine Gifts to My Daughters for Under $10 Each

I've mentioned before that I give my family members small gifts for Valentine's Day. This year, I put together a small tin of gifts for each daughter.

The heart-shaped tins I bought on deep discount after Valentine's Day many, many years ago. (I bought several of them at about 75 cents each.) Here's what I put inside:

  • Brightly-colored wool socks -- from a set of 5 pairs, each knit in a different selection of colors, that I bought from Amazon -- about 2.79 each pair. 
  • Body Shop bath bombs -- Dec. 26, the Body Shop had their annual sale online, with bath bombs offered for 75 cents each very briefly. I also had a coupon plus free shipping -- I paid 66 cents each. I put 4 into each tin.
  • Bath & Body Works shower gel -- in early December, B&BW had a one-day sale on all travel-size products (shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, fragrance spray) for $1.95 each, limit 15. I also had a coupon, bringing my cost down to $1.55 each. (These items are regularly priced at $5 to $6 each.) I put 2 in each tin. 
  • Total cost for each tin -- $9.28, including the tin.
How I shop is as important as what I buy, in order to put together gifts for under $10. I watch for special sales before and after major holidays. When I come across a spectacular deal, I think through the recipients for all of the upcoming gift-giving occasions. 

With the B&BW products, since there was a limit of 15, I thought through all of the women on my list and the appropriate upcoming occasions. I made a written list of what types of products and fragrances I wanted for each woman and what occasion I could use each for. Since these are travel-size products, some of them will be good as stocking (or gift tin) fillers, others will be good in a gift basket of related spa items, and a group of others will be bundled together in a fabric pouch or cosmetic bag like a gift set.

With the bath bombs, I knew from last year's experience that the Body Shop has a pretty great sale the day after Christmas. The bath bombs are regularly priced at $2 each. They often go on sale for $1 or $1.25 each. When I saw them priced at 75 cents each (and I knew I had a coupon code I could use to save even more), I grabbed a whole bunch of these and will be able to use them for gifts throughout the year.

I sometimes buy a set of like items to break up into individual gifts, such as the set of 5 pairs of socks. The patterns and colors of these socks are fun, making them appropriate as a gift. I have several women on my list who I know wear wool socks. The other 3 pairs will be gifted in this next year. (Okay, only 2 pairs will be gifted. One pair is for me!!)

I sometimes change my mind about who is getting what. That's okay. It all works out in the end. Other times, I find myself with an abundance of giftables. When that happens, I stop shopping for a few holidays, or until I have given all of the items away. That's okay, too, and even saves me some money for a short time. And periodically, I simply give items away. It's a way to bring cheer to others when they most need it.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! I hope your day is filled with love and joy.


  1. You are particularly good at putting together gifts with both content and presentation. I'm sure your daughters will appreciate their heart tins. Do they give the tins back for next year? I regularly give tins back to friends who give us Christmas cookies every year to use again.

  2. What a delightful present for your daughters. I'm sure it made them smile! I usually just do a card and a small ($1) box of Whitman's chocolates for my kids for Valentine's Day. This year I found those little self-inflatable balloons in Valentine's themes at the dollar store--4 for $1--the kind that you whack or stomp on and they inflate themselves. Even though they are teenagers now, they both had a lot of fun with them! It's midwinter break for us starting today, so having Valentine's Day off from school is an extra treat for them. Now I need to start baking my pie for my husband!

  3. Lili, where do you find the coupon codes for the Body Shop? I have 5 women that I like to gift and Body shop stuff would be great. Your valentine gifts are a great idea! I am inspired!

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    I'm not sure if I got this coupon for the Body Shop in my email or through Swagbucks shopping. Are you a rewards member of the Body Shop? You can sign up online. In your birthday month, you receive a coupon for $10 off in the store. I receive regular emails from Body Shop letting me know of sales and discounts. But I think this time, I may have gotten the coupon on Swagbucks shopping page. I also see their coupons on
    Okay, so I just checked Body Shop and they have a 40% off sale for President's Day going on (1 more day), plus when I went to Swagbucks and entered Body Shop in the search bar for shopping, the coupon page came up with $5 off $30 purchase. This is the coupon code for $5 off $30 on my page, don't know if it's transferable: JWDAGY There's also this one for $10 off $60: DWIHFL
    Also, free shipping on orders over $50. So, what I do is I buy several gifts at a time, maximize my use of coupon codes and sales, then get the free shipping.
    Good luck, Bonnie!


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