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Monday, February 3, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: Because Spring Means Flowers to Me . . .

I spied a tiny gleam of pink in this pot of primroses on the deck outside the bedroom. I knew I just had to help it along. I brought the pot indoors to clean it up and keep in a window to hasten the blooms. It doesn't look like much right now, but give it a couple of weeks.

We're expecting more snow this coming week. Stealing some blossoms from winter's grip brings me a lot of joy!


  1. Primroses are so pretty, aren't they? It will be awhile before ours bloom so I'll enjoy yours vicariously. BTW, when I looked at the national weather map, it appears that you are having cooler than normal winter temps. Meanwhile, we are having warmer than usual temps. I like that driving is a whole lot easier but I'd like a really good snowstorm at least once this winter so I can get out and go snowshoeing. Actually, I just love a day snuggling up inside while the snow falls outside. Months of that kind of weather ... no .... but a few days of it, yes, bring it on!

  2. We got a whopper of a storm - over 8 inches of snow and it's still coming down! I can't wait to see some of those pretties burst forth their heads. Spring can't come soon enough for me. Enjoy those buds before you get your storm Lili.

  3. Even though it has been a fairly warm winter so far, I haven't seen anything yet peeking out. So like Kris, I'll enjoy yours.

  4. My daffodil blooms started appearing on Jan 31, about 6 weeks earlier than usual. Mid-March is the expected time table. But our temps have been higher and flowers think its spring! I've got annuals (impatiens) that have tiny blooms that are holdovers from summer!

  5. I love finding joy in the simple things of life. Keeps me humbled and grateful!


  6. Hi Kris,
    I enjoy a good snowstorm or two each season, and then I'm all ready for spring. This week's weather is indeed cold, here. But the snow has been paltry. The good is that roads will be fine tonight. I hope you get your one good snow storm of the year.

    I was at the store this morning and they had full-sized primrose plants for about $2 each. I may have to wait a week or two before mine gets to be that size, but watching is half of the fun with plants.

  7. Hi Ruthie,
    I heard you got quite a storm, there. Enjoy the beauty of the snow. Spring will come soon, or so the groundhog said.

  8. Hi Live and Learn,
    just as soon as this primrose grows some more, I'll share a photo or two! I wish I could send the real thing through the mail.

  9. I agree with you YHF. Forcing myself to find joy in the smaller things is good for my soul.

  10. Oh my goodness, Lynn! Daffodils in February. That reminds me of my childhood in Calif. Oh, enjoy those blooms!

  11. Lili,

    You said it beautifully, "finding joy in the smaller things is good for my soul." Loved your quote so much, I wrote it in my daily junk journal that I started in December. Everyday, I find one fascinating thought or idea, or a story of what happened that day. I include momentos, wrappers, or I will craft a decoration for the page. It is entirely made from trash, but years from now, I know I will treasure reading it.


  12. That's such a wonderful idea, YHF!


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