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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Birthday Eats

hot dog cook-out

homemade buns

some homemade condiments

veggie plate

dip made with plain yogurt, onion powder,
garlic powder, salt, and herbs


s'mores fixins'
for the tea table

fresh-baked scones

tomato-basil soup
sandwiches and fruit cup

watermelon pickles

peppermint-dark chocolate patties

punch made with Kool-Aid and orange juice


  1. Looks lovely. One of your many talents is making things special and you've done it again.

  2. What a lovely birthday event you had for your daughters! My parents love going out for breakfast several times per week. My dad is also stubborn. He told me he would go out with mom for breakfast whenever he wanted and no one could stop him. Well, the government will stop him so I had to tell him firmly that he should not try to go anywhere because he will be turned away and trying to override that would get him into trouble. I think he understood. I'm also supposed to drive them to Kentucky in late April for a granddaughter's wedding. I told him to re-think that this isn't going to happen and he agreed (my stubborn dad agreed!!!) Well, yesterday the granddaughter called to say she would get married on her day but would not have any guests or festivities due to the issues going on. They will have a reception next year for their celebration. I feel bad for brides this spring and fall who may not have their dream days.

    Had a lot of wrinkles getting a home office set up but I think we have that figured out. Daughter in Honduras thinks they may send the US staff home and have all school done remotely. That would be awesome! She would probably self-quarantine first. But they can't leave yet because there is no international travel right now.

    We're happy that we didn't work too far down into our freezer because we now have a lot to choose from. So this is a good thing to keep a well-stocked freezer and pantry. We were thinking to just empty both but now I see the wisdom in having what we have.


  3. Lili, everything looked so good. You made the day so special for your daughters! Was the temperature tolerable for the cook out?

    Reading Alice's comment about her dad wanting to go out for breakfast made me think about a news article I saw this morning. Some bar in Ohio, it had an Irish name I can't remember, was caught open yesterday by a Fox news team. They questioned the owner about why he was defying orders, and he said something about trying to make a living. The news article included information about what could happen to the bar owner, but most likely the Health Department will just call and ask him to close. I understand the health threats, and I understand how hard this is on our economy. It's such a bad situation.

    My husband had to leave at 3:30 for his route this morning. He's traveling to Indiana, and was hoping to come home tonight, but his load is too heavy. He'll have to spend the night in a hotel, deliver tomorrow, and then come home. We prepared as well as possible. He has Clorox wipes, and Lysol spray for the hotel room. I told him to spray and wipe every surface. He also has hand sanitizer for his truck. After he left for work, I went about housework, but felt so apprehensive.

    I remembered my dad had went to a couple of Michael Combs (Christian singer) concerts, and bought a couple of his CDs years back. It was one of those odd moments when I didn't know why I was thinking of that, at that moment. Anyway, I looked on YouTube, and sure enough, there were Michael Combs videos. The first song on my YouTube list was 'It was Me', I played it, and the tears flowed. I listened to that several times as I went about my morning chores. It made me able to face my work day. If you like Christian music, check out 'It was Me' by Michael Combs.

    Stay well, and have a good day everyone!

  4. Lovely spread!! Did you do both on the same day? Wow, that would be so much work, simply amazing.

    I can't sleep. I stopped the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea because that wasn't working. Now husband tells me that he thinks he has another hernia, this will be his third hernia repair in two years. So I'm sitting here, at 3 am (been up since 12 am), having a beer to calm my nerves. Also, crafting helps (working on some detailed handwork helps me focus and calms my nerves), as well as writing in my micro journal (Lili, did you get my email? It is pathetically simple and embarrassing lol)

    I guess I am guilty of trying to get ahead of the curve, thinking I could outsmart fate by being proactive. I must learn to respect the hand we're dealt, and just accept it.

    Take care and be safe everyone,


  5. Senior moment YHF, not YHS. I would just go by Laura, but I think I recall there is another Laura here.

  6. YHF, sorry you can't sleep. I've been having some trouble sleeping myself. Now is a stressful time to think of taking care of issues like those. Our dentist office called earlier this week to reschedule our cleanings this week in May. I have an eye doctor appointment in April. I'm waiting for that to be rescheduled. My dad needs a surgery, which I'm sure will be put on hold now. I'm praying this situation is resolved really soon! If it helps talking to us online, talk away! We have to get through. Hugs to you.

    Take care.

  7. Thank you, Live and Learn. It all turned out well or good enough. And my daughters were happy to have their favorites.
    I hope you're doing well through this difficult time. Has the library where you work closed? Ours have all closed, here.

  8. Hi Alice,
    thank you.
    Oh that would surely be a relief, right? To have your daughter back home. I pray that all happens soon.
    I am hearing a lot of stories similar to what you've shared about your parents. Older folks feeling a bit reluctant to give up favorite activities right now. I am glad that you could help them stay safe for now. And yes, this must be a disappointment for all of this year's spring brides. I'm sorry for your niece (is that that relationship to you?).

    You know, I'd just been thinking that next fall and winter, I will do things differently with some of my stocking up and shopping plans, to ensure we don't get caught off-guard with limited supplies. Keeping a well-stocked pantry and freezer may be important next winter, too, if this virus reappears as many experts now believe.

    Glad you've got your office set up now!

  9. Hi Angie,
    You're right. This is just such a horrible situation all around. Many businesses may not make it. But if they stay open when asked to close temporarily, they could be endangering the lives of other, more vulnerable, people. And this is frustrating to me.

    I'll check out that singer. Thank you for that recommendation, Angie! Our church services have moved to an online format. This past Sunday, as the worship leader was leading the music, I felt overwhelmed by the lyrics and just cried through it all. This is such a humbling time we are living through. We are most definitely not in control of anything, but at His mercy and in His hands for everything. And that is the good side of all of this for believers. Great challenges lead to great faith. Thanks again for the recommendation.

    I'll say a prayer for your husband's safe journey.

  10. Hi YHF,
    yes, both yesterday. So, as you can imagine, I was a bit tired last night and slept pretty well. Today, I have to catch up on everything else (including email). I'm looking forward to checking emails today and seeing your work!!

    I'm sorry you're not sleeping well. I try to do the same thing, immerse myself into something else to calm myself. I've found that I watch a lot of funny animal videos when I'm stressed, just to distract myself. I also look for old TV series episodes on youtube and distract myself with storylines. I tend to binge-watch shows when I'm stressed. It does help. I've also turned my periodic, middle of the night sleeplessness into prayer time. Eventually I calm down and fall back to sleep. If not prayer, meditation might do the same thing.

    I hope your husband is not in a lot of pain right now. What can be done for a hernia while he waits to see a doctor? I'll say a prayer for him.

    We may not be able to stop this virus, but we can be smart, stay calm, and reduce our own risks, as well as not making this worse for the population as a whole. And I think you've been doing that by being proactive and having a plan. That's a very good thing. Believe me, I've talked to a couple of people in my life who don't seem as concerned about this as they should, in my opinion. I worry for them that they will find themselves "caught out" and unprepared. So, you're doing great. We are living through an unprecedented trial for our generation.

    Stay safe and well, YHF.

  11. Lili,

    Thanks for the prayers, much appreciated!

    Reading your comment to Alice, I was thinking the same thing about being well stocked going into Fall 2020. I'd let my pantry supplies get rather low. Since the boys are both working, they ate out a lot, and not as much food was needed on hand. It was actually my husband who suggested I do a major stock-up a few weeks ago. He saw this coming, where as I kept thinking it wouldn't get bad here. Luckily, I listened to him, and acted.

    Have a great evening.

  12. Thank you Angie for your kind thoughts. I hope your husband returns home safely. I can imagine how unnerving it must be for you. On a hopeful note, there is a treatment that is experimental, called Remdesivir, that is delivered through IV that has had much success in reversing CoVid19. I understand it is being reviewed for approval and may soon be available. Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Surgeon General both testified that this treatment looks exceptionally promising. This treatment was developed for Ebola but was not successful, miraculously it is working for CoVid19.

    Lili, I am going to order a hernia belt in the meantime. The earliest appointment with the surgeon is May, and then there is preop visits. I think we're looking at late summer. My husband is stubborn and refused to take it easy after his hernia repair last September. He's feeling very sorry now.


  13. Wow - as if the coronavirus wasn't enough, we had an earthquake this morning! A 5.6 with aftershocks up to 4.5. Hopefully that will be all, although they have been predicted here for years. No non-essential employees are to be downtown - all have been evacuated. Even the airport shut down - I think it will be opening parts of it later today. It's a good time to recover from surgery, I guess! I'm grateful that we have quite a bit of food storage and a full freezer. Life is so unpredictable. We have to enjoy each day. Stay safe, everyone!

  14. Hi Angie,
    My thought is that I will make sure I am very well stocked by the first week of October at the latest (maybe even by late September), instead of waiting until the Thanksgiving sales so I meet the minimum spend for a turkey. I was studying past years' influenza surveillance charts/maps (I think it was on the CDC's website) and for the past 10 years, the earliest that influenza has been at "high" levels for Washington state has been November. There have been years that influenza didn't really hit my area until later, but I'm going to go by the earliest I found levels at "high." COVID 19 might now act exactly like influenza, but I think making sure I am well-stocked a full month to month and a half earlier than the historic peak month should be enough. I would much rather be stocking up when stores are not crazy than in the midst of it all. It does mean that I'll have to do some restructuring of our budget, maybe take some of the money saved for vacations and put that into a special stock-up budget for the year.

    Wishing you luck with your plans, too.

  15. Hi YHF,
    I'm lad there is something that your husband can do/wear that will help with the pain/injury. I'm sure you're thinking that this is not the optimal time for non-urgent surgery. I pray he feels relief from the hernia belt.

  16. Stay safe, yourself, Ruthie! I saw the photos of the aftermath of the earthquake, there. I'm glad that you're just at home recuperating from your surgery and don't have anywhere you need to go right now. Saying prayers for a speedy recovery for you.


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