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Monday, March 2, 2020

Harbingers of Spring?

When I find the first daffodils in my yard, I feel as if they are blowing their trumpets to announce the imminent arrival of spring. In addition to daffodils, on Sunday afternoon I found other flowers and vegetables/herbs peeking out to say hello.

the earliest of the daffodils -- a petite daffodil

grape hyacinths just barely peeking up through the dirt

a larger patch of the purple primroses (and lots of moss)
yellow primroses that seem to be lunch for the slugs
snow crocus -- earlier and shorter/smaller than giant crocus
the garlic is just now up and could be used for garlic chives/greens
sorrel -- a pot of cream of sorrel soup is in order, I think
the chives could be cut now, too

While it's still pretty chilly outside, seeing these beauties does make me hopeful for warmer temperatures to come.

Did you realize that March 1 is considered to be the first day of meteorological spring? This is based on the annual temperature cycle and not Earth's position in relation to the Sun.


  1. Lot's of signs of spring at your house. You are a little further along than we are, but we are seeing signs of spring here, also.

  2. How beautiful! Early spring flowers are always so welcome. I will have to walk around outside my house to see if any daffodils or crocus are up yet. The tulips are usually a little later.

    I should check my fruit trees, as well. It was 62 degrees here yesterday. I've seen early blooms many times, only to get frost bit.


  3. Lovely! Our crocus plants are up but not yet blooming. It's supposed to be a mild week here (40s and 50s) so maybe ....

  4. I don't have much of anything showing buds or pushing through the ground at home but I don't have too much either. I do see the tree outside my office window has buds all over! The sun is shining and the temps are in the 40s today. I'm so much looking forward to spring!


  5. Hi Live and Learn,
    What I've noticed is my area sees early spring flowers and blossoms before yours, but you area quickly overtakes ours in less than a month.

  6. Hi Angie,
    62 degrees! We can only dream about the 60s for now. Soon, I'm hoping!
    We've had that with the frost some years, too. That's always a disappointment. Enjoy some early spring-like weather, there!

  7. Hi Kris,
    It sounds like your crocus may be near blooming, if the temps stay in the 40s and 50s! Always exciting, isn't it?!

  8. Hi Alice,
    Oh, buds on the tress is a promising sight! I have a pear tree right outside my window right now and it's showing lots of buds. Blossoming soon, I'm hoping!


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