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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Even with a pandemic all around us, life still goes on . . .

. . . and people still have special occasions in their lives.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. It's one of those milestone birthdays (rhymes with "mixty"). 

Celebrating a birthday during a pandemic poses several challenges, obviously. There's no eating out, no travel, no special delivery from a florist, not even a gathering that would include all of my children. I don't expect any boughten gifts, as no one in my household has been able to go anywhere to shop. That's all really okay. 

So, I'm giving myself a gift. I'm giving myself a couple of days off from work -- from blogging, from earning money online (answering surveys and performing tasks), from cooking (unless cooking would please me), from stress. Today, Thursday, and Friday are just days for me to enjoy life, to cut some tulips from my yard, to eat chocolate, to have brunch and dinner at home with my two daughters and husband, to read a novel, to browse through the pile of magazines that I checked out from the library before they closed, and maybe to watch a movie at home (also checked out from the library back in February). I might have tea on the deck in the afternoon. And I might stay in my cozy pjs for half the day. It is enough to simply celebrate that I am still here and that I am blessed beyond measure in this world. 

When the virus has been suppressed to a level that it is safe again to go out and I can share a celebration with my son and daughter-in-law as well as my daughters and husband, then we'll do something to mark my special occasion as well as my daughters' birthday, Easter, and my husband's soon-to-be birthday. This could turn into a one celebration covers all spring events outing.

So, I'll be gone from my blog for the rest of this week and be back on Monday. I hope you all have a good rest of your week.


  1. Happy birthday! Celebrate anyway you can and enjoy!Lisa

  2. Happy Birthday to you Lili! May you have a wonderful weekend with those around you.

    I feel really sad for people who celebrate birthday, weddings, having babies, the elderly who live in retirement or nursing facilities and any other special events that keeps them all alone during this time. I have two nieces getting married--one next weekend and the other in mid-June and both my daughters graduate from grad school in May. All these events are cancelled (the brides will still get married but no guests). How sad and yet necessary for now.


  3. This will be a birthday like no other, Lili, for sure. You're catching up with me ;) Enjoy it (though the circumstances are certainly not ideal) in all the ways you'd like. As you note, hopefully it soon will be time for "catch up" celebrations. Happy happy birthday, and thank you for all you do and share! I learn so much from you!

  4. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and some refreshing days "off"!

  5. Have a wonderful birthday Lili. I always thought from your picture you were in your forties. 🎂🎉

  6. Alice, it is very hard on on those people you mentioned. I'm so thankful my daughter got married last year. The ceremony could have gone on, such as with your nieces. But I'm glad the whole big family was able to be there. And all the graduations and senior events that won't go on? Just so sad also. I lost my father about this time last year and we were blessed to be with him during his final days, something that so many people are unable to do currently, which truly breaks my heart for them all.

    My sister is able to visit with my elderly mother (89), keeping her supplied with food etc, while practicing social distancing. Mother has seen my 2 nephews in person and my 2 children via Face Time, but it's the lack of hugs that she is really missing! My MIL (93) has mild dementia and is in an assisted living center. Despite many reminders, she just doesn't understand why no one comes to visit (in person) any more. :'(

  7. Happy Birthday, Lili. You work very hard, so I think this will be a great way to celebrate. When we were kids, we didn't have to do any chores (mostly washing dishes) on our birthday and I thought that was the best present of all.

  8. Have a wonderful birthday!

  9. Happy birthday! Your plans to celebrate sound fabulous.

  10. Happy birthday, Lili! You wear your years well, both in appearance and in attitude. How smart of you to take time off and do things which are fun. Enjoy!

    And to all of the rest of you, stay safe.

  11. Happy Birthday Lili! May it be relaxing, peaceful, and restful. Save the big party for "bleventy".
    Best Wishes,

  12. Happy Birthday, dear Lili!! You are such an inspiration to us, and you have influenced my life personally in so many ways. So often, I'm reminded by an idea or perspective that you have previously shared on your blog, like the bean patties that my dad so loved. In fact, the inspiration that hits me the most is the high bar you've set. You've shown us in your chronicle how to live well, in abundance, with gratitude, on less, which is a message our country needs desperately now, and IMHO has desperately needed since the greatest generation, our parent's. Most of all, you've been a friend, with whom I can safely share my thoughts and fears. In real life, ironically for me that's not possible. I have a tendency to shut down when I'm not OK, and you've been my window. You've also been very accepting and gracious even when I go off the rails. I realize after I comment that maybe I've said too much, like now?? Anyway, didn't mean to be too negative again, but I really value you and all you have done for us.

    Be happy, well and safe,

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From your beautiful picture you sure don't look "mixty"!
    You are truly as inspiration and a source of both joy and beauty--for all
    us on a very limited budget. Many blessings on this birthday...and
    many many more! Cari

  14. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your days off.

    My birthday is tomorrow too! I have Thursday and Friday off from work so I am going to relax (but I will probably also go grocery shopping, which is not relaxing). Anyway, the sun will be out in the Seattle area, so I will be able to sit out on our little patio while my husband works from home.

    My mom turns 80 on Saturday. I'm going to go over to sing her happy birthday. She will come down to the front door of the condo building, and I'll stand 6 feet away, but at least I will get to see her.

    - Tina

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  16. Happy birthday! Thank you so much for all you do. I've gleaned so much from your blog! I hope your special days are wonderful. May God richly bless you for all that you do!

  17. Have a happy and memorable birthday, Lili! You deserve to put your feet up and just enjoy this time. The older I get, the more I realize how important to my emotional well being the gift of time is. We will all look forward to hearing back from you on Monday.

  18. Happy Birthday, enjoy your week!


  19. WOW! Your birthday celebration sounds perfect to me!!! Enjoy your special time and Happy Birthday!!!

  20. Happy Birthday! Blessings and wishes for a very good and healthy year ahead. Virtual hugs!

  21. Happy Birthday, Lili!
    Many blessings to you.
    Enjoy your "time off"!
    Jo Ann

  22. Happy Birthday! You bring such a strong light to your readers, may it beam back to you!

  23. Blessings on a memorable birthday!!

  24. Thank you, all of you! Your kind wishes for my birthday are so sweet and made me feel special.

    And Tina -- happy belated birthday to you!! I hope you made your day special.

  25. I hope you had a beautiful birthday, Lili! Thanks for all of the work you put into sharing your good ideas with all of us. Love, Melissa


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