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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Gardening Therapy

In this very surreal time, I have to force myself to do some of the ordinary things around the house and yard, just to stay sane.

Yesterday, April 1, it was a chilly day with periods of sunshine as well as rain. I had decided that the first of April would be the day I plant potatoes. In addition to seed potatoes from last fall, I also found a few grocery store potatoes that had sprouted to add to the bunch. I don't know how well grocery store potatoes will do in the home garden, but I thought it was worth a try. My seed potatoes are a purple fingerling variety, which are nice, but sometimes I want just a regular old white potato. If the store potatoes work, then I'll count myself lucky. I planted 2 of the 3 rows of potatoes yesterday.

In addition, I moved blueberry bush number 3 (out of 4) to its new, much sunnier spot. I'm hoping it will be much happier and produce lots more berries in this new location.

As I was finishing with the potatoes, a rain cloud burst upon me and watered everything in well.

Over the weekend, I started winter and summer squash indoors. They've yet to sprout, but I'm hopeful. My garden is only so big, so I've been eyeing other sunny spots for some of these vegetable plants. A bush zucchini or two will blend into a bed of perennials. And the vining squash will cover a bare spot near the lawn. A bit of an edible landscape idea going on, here.

What are you doing to distract yourself these days?


  1. I, too, am working outside for distraction. We usually just plant a few vegetables among the flowerbeds because we have very generous friends and family that share their surplus. However, this year, I think we'll do a little more and are working on a raised bed.

  2. Tuesday, went for a morning hike at the place about 20 minutes from home. First time in two weeks and was NEEDING some outdoor time. Got out early and mostly hiked off-trail, so didn't run into any other hikers-I wouldn't expect to off-trail, anyway.

    On a daily basis, unless the weather is icky, also working in the garden. Our whole family had a work day out there Saturday and tackled some bigger projects, such as clearing away some brush, emptying the finished compost pile and moving the in-progress one, pruning fruit trees, and so forth. I've been planting seed and trying to keep up with the weeding, but I also just go out to be alone for a bit. With 7 of us constantly home, it's nice for this introvert to be alone now and then.

    I haven't knit in years, but have started a dishcloth. When it became apparent that we'd be needing to stay home for a while, my husband and I decided to allow the kids to do one last hobby store run. They picked up painting and drawing supplies, some model kits, jewelry-making supplies, and so on. With school also out (distance learning beginning next week), it's been good for them to have some things to work on. We're also having them do some Khan Academy and reading each day till the "official" distance learning begins.

  3. Good luck with the new raised bed, Live and Learn.

  4. Hi Cat,
    That was good thinking to get your kids some crafting/hobby supplies. Even once the distance learning begins, your kids may find they have more free time than they did when in the classroom.

    Great idea with the dishcloth. I should check my cotton yarn supply and maybe knit another washcloth. I'm needing a couple of new ones and knitting would be a good distraction.

  5. Good timing! I'm also interested in what others are doing. I'm not a gardener, although my husband is, but I do enjoy putting in my annual flowers in pots every year. Not sure if that will happen this year. Meijer usually has annuals so I'm hoping I can snag some, but Michigan's weather is notoriously finicky and I don't like to do it much before Labor Day.

    I took my daughter to JoAnn's at the beginning of the social distancing, before non-essential stores were closing, to have her stock up on supplies. We have been taking hikes as a family and sometimes breaking it up (my husband and son are out right now and my daughter and I will go out alone in a little bit) as a little separation does wonders for getting along. We've done some bike riding when the weather hasn't been too cold. The kids and I do our window visits with my mom, and we also visit my niece and her young family and try to drop off something fun weekly (she is an emergency room PA, her husband is a firefighter, and they have a 3 year old and 7 month old--very stressful time). My son has been doing yardwork. I keep thinking about getting out yard games but have yet to do so. We've had one bonfire. I think that's it for outdoor activities. Oh, the guys went fishing once.

    Indoors, we have completed 3 puzzles so far, played a few games, I've finally taken the time to figure out the Libby app from my library so I can borrow virtual books, I've done a little knitting. Per a suggestion from Brandi at Prudent Homemaker, we've been watching Wartime Farm on Youtube, which is a BBC production and very interesting if you like history. I'm trying to text/email/call people daily to keep up social contacts. Virtual church and virtual youth group activities have been intermittently successful. We will do Easter eggs Saturday when the weather turns icky again. A lot of baking and cooking has occurred, as mealtime is the highlight these days.

    My kids have done some Khan academy and other school projects. It's taking awhile for Michigan to figure out the education piece, which is a little frustrating. Kids have been practicing their musical instruments and my daughter did an art project.

  6. I find hand stitching helpful, especially slow stitching, which are simple running stitches. And I'm not caring what I make, or if it makes sense at all. It doesn't have to be useful or nice. Just whatever comes to mind gets stitched down, or serendipitously what is on my table that day.

    Lili, I emailed an article which shows a template and instructions on sewing masks.


  7. I have been listening to a couple of books through libby as well. I have had a knitting project that has needed finishing so I'm trying to complete that too. I am hoping to get some gardening done - maybe next week. I really want to get the energy to make some doll clothes for my granddaughter for Christmas - next week too? My son and I have had fun making dinners that I normally don't spend much time doing. Taking walks, a little (?) tv, cleaning house, and puttering is filling my day. My adult kids are getting a little bored. But they don't like my suggestions.

    Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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