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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

No-Yeast Pizza Crust, Using My Sourdough Starter

A week ago, I posted about my new sourdough starter that I grew from just water and flour. I grew the starter, day by day, over the course of a week, adding more flour and water in morning and evening for seven days. Sunday evening, I used some starter to begin a batch of sourdough bread, using the recipe on this page

To make sourdough bread without any yeast whatsoever, I needed to begin the dough the day before I wanted to bake. By Monday morning, the sponge was ready to add sugar, salt, and additional flour. I turned half of the dough into a loaf of bread and used the other half to make pizza crust.

If you know sourdough, then you can imagine the cheesy taste it has. As a pizza crust, this was amazing. I will make sourdough pizza crust even after I have a lot of yeast again. The crust is tangy, crispy, and chewy.

The one major difference between making sourdough pizza crust and yeast-raised pizza crust is time. The sponge for the dough needs to sit overnight. Then the next day, after the rest of the ingredients are mixed in and the dough is kneaded, it needs to rise for a couple of hours. And finally, after the dough has been pressed into a circle on a greased baking sheet, it needs to rise for an hour to hour and a half before spreading with sauce, adding toppings, and baking. As the crust does not rise much at all once in the oven, a good period for rising before baking is necessary with a sourdough.

Like I said, I would make this even if I had lots of yeast to spare.


  1. Sounds delicious, but you definitely need to plan ahead to make it. I noticed it was a cheese pizza. Is that your family's favorite?

  2. Wow, that looks fabulous, Lili! Thanks for all the details on planning ahead for this. This seems like an especially good ration recipe, because a really great, flavorful crust will make any lack in the toppings easier to bear.

    Yum! Sara

  3. What a treat for your family! Your crust sounds amazing. I bet tummies were happy after that dinner. Thanks for the update on your sourdough starter.

  4. Now that must have been absolutely delicious. My husband loves how his breads are coming out using less yeast per your instructios. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

    Shopping at Costco today was very pleasant. We stood in line 45 minutes before store opening, keeping our distance. Only seniors could shop at this hour. The store was well stocked, but certain items like canned meats, baking soda, Clorox, and other hot sellers were limited to one per customer. The meat section was where everyone headed first and the pace definitely quickened there. I felt a bit silly buying for a year's worth of some basics, but the long line was not fun and I want to avoid this if I can. Some people had only a handful, no cart, and I think they simply wanted to get out of the house, so grocery shopping is the new mall shopping. We planned every detail, what to wear, no jewelry, no purse, and bringing in only the perishables, while leaving the rest of the groceries in an outside room for a few days just to be sure. I washed my hands often between tasks, wiped every handle and door knob, then jumped in the shower, and threw down the clothes in the washing machine. Such an ordeal, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, as is said.

    Be safe,

  5. Hi Live and Learn,
    It was delicious! Your question hit my ears oddly. When someone asks, "what's your favorite kind of pizza," to me it sounds like "what's your favorite kind of taco?" Every kind of pizza is my favorite. So, for Monday night, since we were eating cheese pizza, cheese pizza in that moment, was our favorite kind of pizza.

  6. Hi Sara,
    it was a very tasty pizza. Maybe my family is odd, but it doesn't matter much to us if a pizza has extra toppings on it or not. We mostly want a good crust, rich sauce, and flavorful cheese. I used 3 kinds of cheese for this pizza -- mozza, cheddar, and Parmesan.

  7. Hi Kris,
    It was a very tasty pizza. I'll be making sourdough crust again. The starter is doing great, too. I have dough sitting for baking a double batch this afternoon.

  8. Hi YHF,
    The last time I baked a yeasted batch of bread (2 large loaves), I used 3/4 teaspoon of yeast (1/3 of the called-for amount in the recipe). The next time I bake yeasted bread, I'm going to try 1/2 teaspoon. at this rate (combining low-yeast use and sourdough baking), I may not need to buy more yeast until fall or even later!

    Glad the Costco run worked out so well for you.


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