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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Create Stylish Outdoor Planters for the Holidays without Spending a Penny

materials needed:
  • the pot, trough, or planter from your yard, patio, or garden, already filled with soil (if starting with an empty pot, fill with garden soil not potting soil, which is too loose for holding the branches)
  • evergreen cuttings from your yard
  • berry-laden branches from your yard
  • interesting-looking bare branches and long twigs
  • large pinecones
  • weatherproof bows, stars, bells, small patio lanterns
basic instructions:
  • if the soil in your container is frozen, use a screwdriver or other similar tool to poke holes about 4 to 6 inches into the soil
  • insert evergreen branches and bare twig branches into soil first, then add berry branches
  • finish with pinecones or other ornaments, if desired

From my own yard, two pots filled with evergreen cuttings, berry-laden branches and bows. As simple as cutting a few branches and poking them into the existing soil in winter-bare pots.

More artistically done than my own -- a pot on my neighbor's driveway. They've included several types of evergreen branches, pinecones, tall cuttings of red twig dogwood in the back, and the remaining flowering kale from their fall pot.

Another neighbor -- not a pot, but some evergreen branches tied onto a brick lamp pillar, with star embellishments and a red bow.


  1. Very nice! We lost our spruce tree a couple of years ago. I used to cut off a few branches for our mantel. Enjoy your decorations!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Oh, that's a shame. I hope that someday you can replace the spruce with another tree you'd get a lot of enjoyment from.

  2. I have a couple of empty planters that could use some sprucing up. If I decide that I want to brave the cold, I will work on them today. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      The good news is that in my experience, adding some branches only took a few minutes per pot. So, if it is cold, you wouldn't be out in it for very long. The bonus is that I get many weeks of enjoyment from these pots. After Christmas last year, I pulled the bows out and left the branches in until sometime in February. If you do this, have fun!


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