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Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Mid-Winter Pick-Me-Up

My neighbors have been doing something sweet to cheer us all up throughout this pandemic. 

They've been painting rocks and placing them along the walkway in our neighborhood. Sometimes, a painted rock shows up in front of our house.

And I decided I would join them. I have the rocks, paint, and sealer, so why not?

I did a handful yesterday and placed them in a pile near the corner of our driveway. The neighbors know that they're there for the taking.

Clearly, I'm thinking about Valentine's Day!


  1. I'm sure that others will appreciate your fun and pretty rocks. One of my sister's friends started painting rocks at the beginning of the pandemic. One day she asked neighborhood kids, who were walking by on their way to the creek, if they would get rocks for her. They did and that evolved into kids leaving rocks on her porch anomalously that she would paint. It was a fun game for one and all.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      What a fun project within your sister's friend's neighborhood! Fun for the adult and fun for the kids.
      Thanks for relating that about your sister's friend.

  2. This seems to be a fun "thing" the past few years. Someone leaves them at our local park. I haven't found any myself but a friend who walks there is always posting about ones she finds.

    A year and a half ago, in June 2019, I took my youngest son, then 9, backpacking with me in the Pecos Mountains in New Mexico. The first bit is a rather grueling climb, made harder by living at around 1000 feet of elevation at home and being at over 9000 there when starting to hike. After we climbed this bit, we came to a trail intersection with a sign, and, lo and behold, there was a painted rock there. Ladybug theme. My son was so excited to find this. It had the group of origin on it, so I was able to post about it on their facebook page (Oregon Rocks). Kind of cool to find that way over in New Mexico!

    Anyway, I love your posts and hearing how you are making the best of a non-ideal situation. Someone is going to have a lot of fun finding those cute rocks you painted!

    1. Hi Cat,
      oh that is cool! I may add a town and date to the back of my rocks, in case they ever get moved. Thank you for the idea!

  3. What a fun idea! Such cute rocks, Lili.

    My daughter likes to paint rocks and has done some pretty amazing ones (and I'm only slightly prejudiced .... ). Our local art museum has "family Saturdays" and a couple of years ago they had an activity where kids and parents could paint rocks together. I have zero artistic skills so I copied a very simple design with birds (think: cartoon style). My daughter, meanwhile, carefully selected a rock with a specific shape and painted it to look like a bunny. We left them to dry and toured the museum. When we got back, the staff working in the area were falling all over themselves exclaiming over my daughter's painted rock .... and then they said, "oh, yours looks nice, too, mom!". Yup, nice of them to throw me a bone .... my daughter and I still laugh about that.

    1. Hi Kris,
      That's too funny! I get it, completely. I bet your daughter's bunny rock was adorable.
      Thanks for sharing. You made me laugh! (Only because I can so relate.)


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