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Friday, January 15, 2021

Installing Our Pandemic Home Gym

Did you install a home gym this past year, too? Apparently home gyms are a trending topic in the blogosphere. So, I thought I'd share our new home gym.

Here's my Yoga Mat. Oh, does that look like carpet to you, too? Hmmm. . . The brand of my yoga mat is Stainmaster. I highly recommend it -- very versatile, cushioned, and warm in the winter.

And here's my new Personal Trainer. He comes two to three times a week. He's a stickler for me doing everything just right. He really puts me through my paces. If you're in the market for your own personal trainer, I can highly recommend Mr. Tube, Mr. Y. Tube. Great guy and great workouts.

Nothing but the best is my motto. I wanted a state-of-the-art Sound System in our new Home Gym. I like to listen to mi Tunes when I'm working out.

Here's my Weight Bench. You're right, it's a little low. I think I need to adjust the height or something.

And here's my Vertical Climber. Yeah, they carpeted that piece of equipment, too. Go figure.

We also installed an Indoor Track. Here, let me take you around for a lap. It's just a single lane track. We tried making this a double lane track, but I kept having to do Hurdles.

We'll start on one of the curves of the wooden portion of the track. Wood is a popular surface for indoor tracks, much more comfortable to walk or run on than concrete. 

As we move onto the eastern straight, you'll notice the surface changes to a highly desirable synthetic. Many outdoor tracks are paved with synthetic rubber. We've chosen a vinyl tile for our synthetic straight.

And around the other curve we go.

The western straight is extra cushioned with some sort of natural fiber. It has a similar texture to what the manufacturer of my yoga mat used, but I think prettier. Pretty matters when you're working out in your home gym.

And here we are back on the wooden curve.

After a good workout, I head on over to the Juice Bar. The Juicerista seems to have stepped away from the bar just now. I'll pour my own glass of juice. What? I have to wash my glass, too? Did the Dishwashers go on strike again?

And that's my Pandemic Home Gym.

All of this "fancy" equipment and personnel is worthless if you don't have one last thing --  motivation. Now here's something real that I can share that is providing some motivation for me. My favorite aspect of my new-to-me smartphone is the step-counter. I keep my phone in a pocket all day and frequently check my steps for the day. Seeing my steps tracked gives me just the push I need to take another quick walk or do a few flights of stairs. And this isn't just me, The American Journal of Medicine published an article which demonstrated that fitness devices do indeed add a layer of motivation for individuals.

Another truth, I got serious about fitness and health last spring. Getting older tends to increase motivation to take care of one's health. 

I'm just poking fun of the folks who are wealthy enough to install expensive exercise equipment and pay for personnel to help them work out. Actually, I'm very glad for them and for their fortune. They're keeping some people employed and that's a good thing. It is nice to know that exercise can also be free, using what we have right here at home.

(Giving objects capitalized titles make them seem more official, doesn't it?)


  1. Cute! You had fun writing this one, didn't you?

    When the weather was better, I was outside most of the time for my exercise. Walks, hikes, bike rides. We are in a season when being outside for exercise doesn't work so well for me (just enough rain/snow to make things icy) so I am varying between my exercise bike (inherited from my parents) and pulling out my old DVDs. I do have a gym membership and have missed going to the gym but there are good options available when that doesn't work out. I haven't yet decided when would be a good time to return to my gym--maybe after I get my second vaccine and it has had time to take effect? I have been pondering on this.

    I think my job keeps me motivated to take care of my health. It's somewhat shocking to care for patients who are in my age range and who haven't made their health a priority. We can't control a lot of things in life, but we can control our eating and activity patterns and that has a definite effect on how our bodies function, especially as we get older. I am not a person who *loves* healthy eating and exercise, BTW. I'd much rather curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, and some sort of tasty bakery item .... so I need all the motivation I can get!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Yes, this was just a fun post to write. But I did want to highlight that we all can do some things in our homes with what we have to get the physical activity that we need, even when shuttered by weather. It sounds like you've found ways to stay active and the motivation to keep at it.

      Have a great day, Kris!

  2. It is amazing what is at home and what accumulates over years of raising a family. I do have some bands and free weights with assorted dumbbells. My husband retired in Feb. of last year, he began to briskly walk and then run around a park at the end of the block. He stripped 30-40 pounds off. He looks great. I encouraged him to purchase new running shoes but otherwise he cobbles together his outfits with regular wardrobe items.
    When the shut down occurred here ( Canada) in my province one of the instructors in the city program I attend has been sending out regular charts for our class to do at home. She does it free of charge. It’s a weight training/ resistance program I’ve attended for 10 years, three times a week. Before the pandemic I went on a discounted card through my husband’s work. I used my membership card so much ( city recreation buildings and programs) that every day when I walked in and scanned my card I knew I was now doing it for pennies on the dollar.
    With shutdown I’ve been doing Pahla B workouts on YouTube. They are great. Under a half hour. You don’t need equipment, or can substitute household items. Seriously was amazed what she could have you do in a small space.

    1. Hi Anon,
      Wow, that's inspirational about your husband's increased fitness in this past year! Kudos to him. Thanks for mentioning Pahla B. I just searched her on YouTube and found her channel. I'll be trying some of her workouts. She sounds great for my age group and older. Thank you!

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Wow, I think the same person who installed your home gym is the same person who installed ours. :)

    My husband does exercise classes in our living room watching his phone. The screen seems too little for me, but it seems to work for him. I have a fitness tracker and it is motivating for me, also. The added bonus is that I can earn money by reaching certain step goals, along with a few other things, with a program from work. It's not a lot, but highly motivating for me. Even before the rewards, seeing how many steps I had taken or not taken helped me a lot to take more. When it's too cold to go out, I call one of my sisters and chat while pacing around the house. The call distracts me from the monotony of the walking and I can rack up a good number of steps without thinking about it too much.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      That is such a great program from your employer, a financial incentive for fitness. Even if it's not a huge sum, just the recognition from someone else that you're doing well in your fitness is helpful.
      I try to grab someone from my household to go for a walk with. I agree, chatting can distract so well and before I know it, we've walked a couple of miles. When I'm walking indoors, I turn the TV on to a talk show or news. Even if I'm not completely following the show, it seems to distract we really well.

      Have a great day, Live and Learn!


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