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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Tiny Bit of Springtime Just before Winter Returns

We've had a somewhat mild winter so far, with a small amount of snow in December followed by lots of rain and clouds. I was kind of enjoying thinking we'd pretty much skipped winter this year. Then, of course, the cold air returned this week. 

Just before, though, I grabbed a small pot with two small pink primrose plants from the back deck and brought it indoors. This will be my tiny taste of springtime, even with snow on the ground outside by late this week.

I have neighbors with crocus and forsythia in bloom. I think we were all thinking winter had skipped us this year. 

I'll enjoy my primrose sitting on the windowsill until real spring comes.


  1. Those blooms are so cheerful. I planted several begonias in terrariums in November that have a few blooms on them. Even though the blossoms are small, they brighten my day.

    We haven't had any appearances of spring flowers yet, but last week we visited relatives about an hour and half south of here, and they had daffodils in full bloom.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      It is just so nice to have some blossoms indoors, isn't it?
      I saw several patches of snow crocus this morning on my walk, but no daffodils, yet. Your spring flowers will overtake mine very soon. PNW spring stalls, while yours will really pick-up.

  2. I love primroses. They are so charming.

    We were having a mild winter until about 10 days ago, when the weather patterns changed. My thermometer says 10* and we now have a good amount of snow. I've been able to go snowshoeing a couple of times, which I enjoy. I think I will just have to enjoy looking at your picture of a flower as I'm sure we have a ways to go before we see the real thing!

    1. Snowshoeing sounds like a lot of fun, Kris. That's something that I've never done.
      Stay warm. This sounds like a good week to curl up with a hot mug of tea.

  3. What a nice reminder of spring! My daughter has a collection of succulents in the guest room by a window. They seem fine for a while, then they slowly start to die. She mists them lightly so she doesn't drown them. Not sure why they won't live but we know very little about succulents. They live very well in Honduras where she lives but now at home the ones we have just don't live the same.

    1. Hi Alice,
      I've never been to Honduras, but I think I imagine it's quite tropical there. I've only grown a couple of succulents before and didn't do well with them. So I don't have any advice.

    2. Less misting and more light for the succulents. They need very little, if any winter waterings indoors unless you live somewhere warm, and it sounds like it’s as cold in your area as it is in mine rn. Also block cold drafts amid this big arctic air issue. Should help!


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