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Friday, February 12, 2021

Saying Be Mine with a Cupcake

Those pink, red, and chocolate pretzels were for someone outside our household. These Valentine cupcakes are for us. 

I used this scratch vanilla cake recipe, some Valentine-themed cake wrappers, pink frosting (dyed and flavored with maraschino cherry liquid), and then topped the baked cupcakes with holiday picks. I had bought the cake wrappers and holiday picks on clearance after Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. Now seemed as good as any time to use those fun things.

I pulled out our Valentine's Day tablecloth. I had bought this on clearance a few years ago and posted about that bargain then. Our kitchen table looks very Valentine-ish now. Over the years, I have collected several tablecloths for the kitchen to use when celebrating the various holidays. I love fabrics. And this is something that puts a smile on my family members' faces.

On another note, I went walking past the house with the gnome abode this morning. They saw my heart rock and moved it closer to the gnome family! That made me smile. It was very cold today, and snow flurries were flying. I hope you're safe and warm right now.


  1. Another fun holiday at your house. Will your family have to wait until Valentine's day to eat the cupcakes? :)

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I don't think I could restrain my own self from eating goodies. So, that's a definite "no" on my family members having to wait. Besides, the cupcakes would be stale by then. I guess you could say that I treat Valentine's Day like a "season."

  2. Those after holiday sales are the best. Sounds like you are having as much fun preparing for the holiday as your family will from your efforts.

    We are getting ready to leave for an overnight trip to a state park north of us where we plan on snowshoeing. It's midwinter break for my kids. Our activities will be limited but I'm hoping a change of scenery will be good for us.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I think I find better deals in clearance sales after these smaller holidays than after Christmas. A lot of folks will think to stock up on Christmas clearance stuff, but most won't be looking for Valentine's or St. Paddy's stuff in the days following those holidays. So, I wind up with lots of cheaply=bought muffin wrappers with an assortment of holiday motifs and use green/white ones or heart ones year round, as needed.

      Have a fun time snowshoeing. That sounds like a wonderful mid-winter vacation and a great way to change things up.

      We are still waiting on significant snow here. My son and daughter-in-law came over last night. Their new place is at a higher elevation than ours, and they said they had snow on the ground and was falling as they left their home.

      Have a fun getaway with your family, Kris!


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