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Monday, March 29, 2021

Pressing Spring Blossoms

These beauties fluttered out of a re-used envelope I had sandwiched between a stack of books and my nightstand. I'd completely forgotten about doing this last spring and came upon them this past week quite serendipitously as I was cleaning and organizing. A Johnny Jump Up blossom is charming and uplifting to find in the garden but an even greater treasure to "find" as a pressed flower in the still off-season.

I pressed these on a whim one afternoon, with no particular end purpose other than to preserve them. However, there are many crafty things that can be done with pressed flowers and leaves. A couple of crafts that I've done: framed "prints" made with pressed leaves adhered to art paper, as well as greeting cards and gift enclosures made with card stock and pressed blooms. I've also seen more impressive projects, such as pressed flower phone cases, pressed leaf candle lanterns, and lacquered pressed blossom trays.

While pulling weeds from pots, I noticed that I have a nice Johnny Jump Up plant in one of my deck containers. The plant looks healthy and will hopefully provide a lot of blooms for me this spring. 

I pressed leaves and flowers every summer growing up. I had almost forgotten about that simple pleasure, then last year I pressed just a couple of blossoms. I'm so glad that I remembered to try this again, as pressing flowers is such a beautiful way to celebrate spring and summer. And I'm equally glad that I found these pressed flowers when I did. Otherwise, I might have forgotten to press more blossoms next month when the Johnny Jump Ups bloom in my area.

How about you? Do you ever press flowers or leaves?


  1. When I was in high school, I did a collection of pressed wildflowers. Much to my surprise and delight, I found it when we were cleaning out my parent's house and most of them were still intact. A couple of years ago, I pressed several kinds flowers that I used in paper that I made. The goal was to make bookmarks to give out at work until I discovered that the marigolds could still bleed color even when completely dry. Not what you want to press between pages of a book. I guess I could have laminated them, but didn't. I still have some of those dried flowers waiting for inspiration some day.

    The Johnny Jump Ups you found have held their color nicely and are very pretty.

    1. Those bookmarks sound beautiful, Live and Learn. I think you could laminate something like that. I wouldn't have known that marigolds will bleed color even when dried. What a lovely project, though.

  2. Very pretty. I haven't had much experience with pressing flowers but I can see how it would be a rewarding activity.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I've seen photos of some really beautiful projects made with pressed flowers -- very inspiring. I also just like finding the pressed blossoms unexpectedly, as I did the other day.


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