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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Update on Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate Made in the USA

So, I have 2 updates on frozen apple juice concentrate. I had reached out to Tree Top customer service to ask if every step of production for their frozen concentrate apple juice was USA. The reply I received was that, yes, all apples are grown in the USA and all bottling/packaging is done here in the USA as well.

In addition, I picked up WinCo brand frozen apple juice concentrate last week and it, too, is a product of the USA. (The lids of frozen juice concentrates are stamped with country of origin.) I now have 2 USA frozen apple juice concentrate brands to choose from in my area. The bonus with WinCo's product is it was actually less expensive than Walmart's product of China frozen concentrate.

As with the frozen blueberries from Dollar Tree, "made in the USA" doesn't always means "more expensive." In an ever-increasing spiral of grocery prices, that's a good thing to know.


  1. I can only contribute this (if this is even close to the topic!) and that it I bought a case of Welch's juices from Aldi. The apple juice and grape juice both say that they were fruit grown in the USA. The orange/pineapple/apple doesn't say.

    I rarely buy juices but once in a while we need a "communion" juice so we choose apple juice. I also like pineapple juice for making BBQ sauce so we use the orange/pineapple/apple instead. These are small bottles (10 oz) so I can open a bottle and not have a huge bottle to drink. My parents like juice to drink when they visit instead of tea or coffee to this is a win/win!

    1. Hi Alice,
      That's good to know about Welch's juice. And I'm glad you got what you could use.

  2. We rarely buy juice, but it's good to know that there are juices out there that are entirely grown and processed in the US. I wonder if we have different suppliers on the east coast. I will have to take a look the next time I'm in the grocery store.

    1. I wonder that, too, Live and Learn. Perhaps Walmart in the East Coast has different contracts than on the West Coast.

  3. You are such a researcher. We buy apple cider in the fall from Aldi. I've never checked where it was grown and processed. Juice falls more into the "treat" category for us but I can see, especially with younger children, where it would be an easy way to get in a fruit serving.

    1. Hi Kris,
      if the apple cider is in large jugs, it's most likely USA. It's apple juice concentrate that has been coming from overseas for a while.
      Juice is an easy way for me to get vegetables in, too. I mix apple juice with greens and orange juice with beets, in smoothies and mixed juices.


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