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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Free-Pile Find -- A Shepherd Hook for Garden Lighting

One of the wonderful outdoor decor finds from last week's free-pile is this black metal shepherd hook-style plant hanger. I could immediately see that this would make a great candle hanger for the garden.

Once home, I used some household wire to turn a canning jar into a hanging candle holder.

I wrapped one length of wire around the top of the canning jar, just below the threads, twisting a loop on opposite sides of the jar.

I used another length of wire to make the hanger, attaching an end to each of these side loops.

Finally, I twisted a loop at the top of the suspending wire to secure the candle holder onto the shepherd hook. The lit candle added ambience to the garden during our Saturday evening celebration.

Also at the free pile was this nifty plastic tray -- just the thing I was needing to add more plant capacity to my greenhouse.


  1. You have found some pretty good things in the give away piles in your neighborhood. I like the idea of hanging lights from the shepherd's hook. We have some that aren't in use and now I know a good reason not to give them away.

    Sometime, you'll have to show us your greenhouse.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I've been lucky to happen upon free piles at just the right time.
      The shepherd's hook was a fun find, and I'm glad I can use it. Glad you have a couple, too!

  2. I also have a shepherd's hook that is hanging out in our shed. You have a great idea for making an inexpensive light! Now to see if we have any wire and jars sitting around ....

    1. Hi Kris,
      I'm glad that this idea is something that could work for you!

  3. Add me to the group that would love to see the greenhouse. We're hoping to add a small one this late summer/early fall so I've been looking around online for various ideas, not just for the build, but for how we want to configure it inside.

    Great use of the shepherd's hook! I'm sure that adds some cozy ambience to your garden!

    1. Hi Cat,
      the greenhouse is the portable one that I wrote about a couple of years ago. I'll post a photo of how much storage it provides. I would love to have a larger, more permanent one. Good luck with your plans!


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