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Friday, April 30, 2021

Grocery Recap for April

Just before Easter I went to WinCo and spent $120.05. If you remember, we did a cook-out brunch, with kabobs as the main item, hence the boneless ham, smoked sausage, peppers, and mushrooms. Also, I added another 10-lb bag of sugar to our back-up pantry and did a little stocking up on meat. $120.05, with a major holiday and a little meat stocking up, is a great amount for this shopping trip.

I also made a Walmart order for pick-up just after Easter mostly for bathroom tissue, but also to stock up on a couple of items. I spent $39.24. Our Walmart limits the bathroom tissue to one package per shopping. So, I'm making a couple of pick-up orders at Walmart this month to get just a bit ahead on the tissue.

Mid-month (just before 2 more birthday celebrations), I went to WinCo again. I'm using these frequent shopping trips to stock up on some basics. Last month it was flour and oil. This month, it's sugar and chocolate/cocoa powder. I spent $94.96.

Near end of the month I did a split order between curbside pick-up and delivery through Walmart. I spent $56.77 combined.

End of month, I went to WinCo to stock up on several items. I spent$113.67. The next day I picked up an order from Walmart, spending $22.50. 

In looking at the list, you may notice that I bought a lot of ketchup this month (4 bottles). I have NOT heard that there will be a price surge on ketchup. It's just a convenient item to add to an order that needs a minimum spend for delivery or pick-up when I'm very close to that amount.

Total spent for April -- $447.19

What I bought:

three 10 lb bags sugar, WinCo, $4.95
1 25-lb bag sugar, WinCo, $12.38
pastel M&Ms, WinCo, $2.47 (Easter)
2 large bags toasted o's cereal, WinCo, $3.98 ea
8 boxes crackers, WinCo, 5 @ $1.28, 3 @ $1.58
2 boxes animal cookies, WinCo, $1.38
8 bags chocolate chips, WinCo, $1.68 ea
2 boxes graham crackers, Walmart, $1.17 ea
.16 lb nutmeg, WinCo, 94 cents
,17 lb garlic powder, WinCo, 86 cents
.70 lb plus .55 lb cocoa powder,  plus 1.27 lb WinCo, $1.81 & $1.42 & $3.28
1.20 lb plus 1.38 lb plus 4.03 lbs popcorn, WinCo, 91 cents & $1.05 & $3.06
2 gals vegetable oil, Walmart, $4.44 ea
10-lb bread flour, Walmart, $5.98
four 5-lb bags whole wheat flour, Walmart, one at $3.47, 3 at $3.76
2 5-lb bags whole wheat flower, WinCo, $3.22 ea
chicken bouillon granules, Walmart, $2.74
2 jars instant decaf coffee, Walmart, $6.23 ea
1 large jar instant coffee, Walmart, $7.73
2 dozen mini croissants (birthday), WinCo, $4.98
1 jar mayonnaise, WinCo, $1.98
mustard, Walmart, $1
4 bottles ketchup, Walmart, 88 cents ea
burger buns (birthday), WinCo, 92 cents
2-litre club soda (birthday), WinCo, 97 cents
4 oz onion powder, WinCo, $1.14
.52 lb corn starch, WinCo, 48 cents
marshmallows, Walmart, 88 cents
32-oz raw honey, Walmart, $7.93
1 gal vinegar, Walmart, $2.72
3-lb vegetable shortening, Walmart, $2.98
1-lb bag yeast, WinCo, $2.98
.73 lb sliced amonds, WinCo, $2.98
.78 lb peanuts, WinCo, $$1.33

7 gals 2% milk, 5 gals whole milk, WinCo, $2.29 ea for 4, $2.39 for 7, $2.49 for 1
two 2 lb bags shredded mozzarella, two 2 lb bags shredded cheddar, WinCo, $4.98 ea
2 1-lb blocks mozzarella, WinCo, $2.98 ea
2 2-lb blocks cheddar jack cheese, WinCo, $5.51 ea
3 18-ct eggs, WinCo, $1.70 ea
potato salad (birthday), WinCo, $5.48
8 lbs butter, WinCo, $2.48 ea
1.05 lb Parmesan cheese, WinCo, $4.70
.47 lb Parm/Romano cheese, WinCo, $2.11

5 cans orange juice frozen conc, WinCo, $1.17 ea
5 cans apple juice frozen conc, WinCo, 88 cents ea
4 bundles celery, WinCo 1 at 98 cents, 3 at 78 cents
5 lbs carrots, WinCo, $2.48
four 5-lb bags apples, WinCo, $2.48 ea
3.46 lbs apples, WinCo, $3.04
1.39 lbs Roma tomatoes, WinCo, $1.36 (Easter)
3 red bell peppers, WinCo, 48 cents ea for 2 (Easter-2) and 68 cents-1
3 green bell pepper, WinCo, 1 at 68 cents (Easter), 2 at 58 cents
19 bananas, WinCo, 84 cents plus $1.50, plus $1.57
1 lb mushrooms, WinCo, $3.76 (Easter)
5 small bags dried cherries, Walmart, $2.66 ea
2-lbs dried cranberries, WinCo, $3.98
1 lemon (birthday), WinCo, 68 cents
1 watermelon (birthday), WinCo, $10.71
1.80 lbs and 1.85 lbs tomatoes on the vine (birthday), WinCo, $1.22 and $1.28
6 lbs onions,  WinCo, $2.36
fresh ginger, WinCo (birthday), 82 cents

boneless half ham, WinCo, $10.34 (Easter)
beef smoked sausage, WinCo, $2.98 (Easter)
shank ham, WinCo, $7.52
beef top round roast, WinCo, $10.40
beef petite sirloin steaks, WinCo, $10.39
boneless, skinless, chicken breasts, WinCo, $8.22
2 large bags frozen turkey breakfast sausage, WinCo, $4.48 ea
2 value packs pepperoni slices, Walmart, $6.32 each
4 packages smoked sausage (like kielbasa), WinCo 68 cents ea
2 20-ct. packages Hebrew Nationals, Walmart, $9.14 ea

Because one of these birthdays was mine, I chose to buy some pre-made foods, such as the burger buns, potato salad, and some croissants. Gotta treat myself well on my birthday, right? As it was a bbq celebration, we also served watermelon and the homemade ginger ale (hence the lemon, ginger, and club soda).

I spent a whole lotta money this month on groceries. However, for the most part, I haven't been spending very much each month on food since last summer, and I had about depleted all of my supplies. Here's what I've spent monthly on food alone since last August:

Aug   $92.18

Sept   $182.30

Oct   $304.52

Nov   $189.45

Dec   $77.98

Jan   $54.07

Feb   $184.66

Mar   $152.77

Apr   $447.19

October and April were my stock-up months. The average for the last 9 months has been $187.24. That's not bad at all, especially since we have not spent any money on food from restaurants or venues other than grocery stores since Feb. 2020. We're doing fine.

That's it for grocery spending this month.

And tomorrow is May Day! Do you remember May Day posies from many years ago? As a child, we would pick flowers and make little bouquets to leave on neighbors' doors. I think I'll make my own posy for tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have never heard of the May Day posy tradition, but what a lovely one it is.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      May Day was especially fun. The posies are also sometimes referred to as May Day cones or May baskets. We'd make paper cones, then fill them with flowers from our parents' gardens, leave on doorsteps of neighbors, sometimes knocking and running, other times just leaving them. The times that we knocked and hid, we watched to see faces of recipients. The elderly couples were the cutest. They seemed so pleased to be remembered. I do think that by my childhood, this was becoming a tradition that was passing, only carried out by children of parents who had fondly recalled doing this themselves. I will make a posy tomorrow to remember my mother, who was the one to teach my sister and I about May Day.

  2. Yes, we left posies for neighbors as well, and also took them to our teachers. And, at one school, the older girls danced around the May Pole, weaving the ribbons as they did. I think I'll be sure to bring some flowers inside for the day too, Lili. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I remember bringing flowers to my teachers, too. What sweet traditions we were all encouraged to partake in as children. I miss those days.
      Enjoy your posy tomorrow. I'll be enjoying mine, too!


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