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Friday, April 2, 2021

Our Easter Menu

Mounce, Grace. Easter Watercolor. 2021.
Watercolor and gouache on paper. 7 in. x 10 in.

Yet another holiday celebrated as an outdoor event! We plan on having a cook-out (surprise, surprise), so that we can have our son and daughter-in-law with us. Our plan is an early afternoon brunch. And we'll once again use our patio fire ring. With the fire, we all stay warm as we roast our main dish. Here's the menu:

Brunch Kabobs (ham chunks, smoked beef sausage, green and red pepper chunks & mushrooms)
Egg and Cheese Strata
Baked Apples
Tomato and Watercress Salad
Grilled Canned Pineapple Slices
Banana Bread
Orange Juice, Coffee, Tea
Rhubarb Pie

All simple foods, wholesome and made from scratch. I think it will be delicious. As you can see, this is not at all a traditional Easter Dinner. Hopefully by next year, we'll be back to normal holiday celebrations. What are your plans for Easter?


  1. Artistic talent definitely runs in your family. That's a beautiful picture. Is that a painting of the eggs you colored?

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Yes, it's a still life Grace painted for me, using the speckled eggs I DIY'd.
      Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend, Live and Learn.

  2. Wow at lovely gift your daughter gave using her talents.
    Second year without Easter, though I miss my children so very much I also miss the marking of Lent, Holy Week and Easter Sunday with my church family.
    We are also doing an untraditional Easter meal.
    I usually bake a traditional Easter bread and give it away to many of my friends. This year I am pausing the production. I may make it and freeze it or wait till my children who live away come home and have it as part of our celebration. I baked it last year and held it in the freezer thinking I would see them. I have one small loaf remaining, I’ll use it and then determine when I will bake some more.
    My son baked hot cross buns so we are giving those away.
    He also baked up some blondies and pecan cookies and those have gone into care packages.
    Ten Thousand Villages closed where I am so my source of FairTrade chocolate was shrunk. I found someone online with a small store selling and purchased from her along with some gummy teddy bears .
    My favourite thrift shop is always a treasure trove of unique items. I sourced a lovely bunny planter and transplanted a plant into it for a gift.
    My SIL works a schedule out of town so I had dropped their gifts and treats off last weekend.
    I’m trying to appreciate the stillness that quarantine has given.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      I've missed in-person church services for Holy Week too. Our church had an online Good Friday service last night, which we enjoyed. But I miss our church family. It's been over a year since our church's last in-person service.

      Your gifts to friends and family sound lovely. I'm sure they'll be appreciated. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. I cleaned out my deep freezer a few weeks ago and I found a ham so I'll be warming that up for Sunday dinner. I might make the family some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we'll keep the rest of the dinner simple--mashed potatoes and broccoli. I made a fruit jello with pudding/whipped topping for the top layer. I didn't wait to make that so we could enjoy that last night already. I did not purchase anything special for Easter except for regular groceries but it still will be delicious.

    Grace, I'm assuming is your daughter, and she made a beautiful portrait for you!


    1. Hi Alice,
      Your "simple" dinner sounds delicious! I'll be over early for the cinnamon rolls!
      Thank you, on behalf of my daughter. I'll convey your compliment to her.
      Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter.

  4. Lynn from NC Outer BanksApril 2, 2021 at 10:30 AM

    What a lovely still life from your daughter. (I had to look up gouache)Your dinner sounds delicious, and I'm sure it's presentation will be lovely as well. We have had jarringly cold weather for this time of year the past 2 days with high winds (below freezing wind chills). I hope it will be warm(er) for your outdoor gathering. I'm sure it will be great to all be together again.

    We will be gathering with both sides of the family this weekend for traditional meals. Our governor has lifted indoor limits so we will gather with my husband's family at my SIL's. Not sure how many will be there, but most are fully immunized and we'll be vigilant around any who haven't been vaccinated and those who have as well! My MIL will join us for her first in person visit in a year with many of us. My son lives nearby so he will join us as well. (DD and Son in law are in CA so won't be seeing them!)I am taking a ham for that celebration on Sat.

    On Sunday I'll be with my small family (DH, sister, BIL, maybe a nephew and my mother)I'm taking eggs, salad fixings and dessert (Eclair cake)for that meal to complement the ham my sister is providing and other sides that my amazing 90 year old mother is fixing (green beans, potato salad).

    Like TG, I'm missing the Holy Week traditions as well, but am just thankful that I can at least be with my family in person this year. Last year, like everyone else, we were alone. I hope that soon, very soon, our lives will be a bit more typical across our nation and world.

    Happy Easter to all.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thank you -- I'll give my daughter your compliments.
      I hope your weather improves by tomorrow. For us, I just hope it doesn't rain. You have a busy weekend planned. I'm so happy that you all can gather. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  5. I also had to look up gouache! It is a beautiful work of art. We are also having a brunch type of Easter dinner. Twice a year we get to enjoy church via TV and it happened to fall on Easter this year, so it will be a great day to spend with family. For the past several months, we have attended to church for one hour, but they limited the number of people that can attend. We have been spaced out, go in one door and out the other, no paper or books for singing, masked up, and anyone older than 65 or with any signs of illness attends via youtube. All of this technology has been such a blessing during this past year. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, Ruthie. I'll pass along your kind words to my daughter.
      I agree that our technology has made this whole situation bearable. We can at least "do" church online, which is much better than what would've been available without the internet. Enjoy your family Easter brunch at home, tomorrow, Ruthie!

  6. Wow. Your daughter's art is amazing. What a lovely picture.

    We are at my in-laws house! They have been vaccinated, I have also, and hubby has had one dose. So I feel like the most vulnerable people are protected. It's good to see them after so long. I think we are having a ham dinner Sunday with my brother in law's family here so we will be setting up tables in different rooms and wearing masks when not eating. Grateful that we can do this much together.

    1. Hi Kris,
      On behalf of my daughter, thank you.
      I'm so glad that you all could spend time at your in-laws for Easter! That sounds wonderful.
      Happy Easter to you and your family, Kris!


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