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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Portioning Out My Big Chocolate Bars and Other Snacks

I'm going to hazard a guess, here. There are some of you who have way more self-control when it comes to chocolate than I do. Please, don't lecture me on developing discipline when it comes to chocolate. I've been trying to refrain from wolfing down entire chocolate bars in one sitting for decades. I'm a hopeless case of no self-control when chocolate is involved.

I most fortunately received a few large chocolate bars for Christmas and my birthday this past year. I've been reluctant to even open them as I know myself, and I'll eat the whole thing in a day or two. 

However, I've come up with a "fix" for this problem for me. I have been making my own prepackaged chocolate squares. I break a large bar into about 15 small portions, then wrap in bits of plastic wrap. For some reason, pre-portioned snacks work for me where trying to have self-control doesn't. It's true, I could eat bunches of pre-wrapped chocolates. But I don't. Having to unwrap those squares makes me more mindful of how much I'm eating.

I love the idea of those 100 calorie bags of snacks and cookies. I just don't like the big mark-up just to have someone help me with self-control. So, I've also been portioning out crackers into baggies, just for my own consumption. Here's a price comparison on 100 calorie cheese cracker snacks. At Walmart, you can buy a 6-ct box of Cheez-It 100 Calorie Portions Right Bites for $2.50, with a total weight of 4.62 ounces. That works out to $8.65 per pound for these snacks. 

In contrast, I buy store brand cheese crackers for $1.58 for a 12.4-oz box. That works out to $2.04 per pound. This size box yields 16 snacks comparable to the Cheez-It 100 calorie snacks. We reuse our zip-top sandwich baggies many, many times each, washing in between uses. But if I had to add in the cost of bags for the portions, that would add 32 cents, total (Great Value sandwich baggies). So, I'm able to make 16 portioned snacks for $1.90. My cost for 6-ct homemade snack packs is 71 cents. The Cheez-It product sells for $2.50. 

While I would probably not buy the pre-portioned snacks, I like that I can portion my own and get the same result for no extra expense.


  1. We portion out many of our snacks to help with portion control. It helps, but sometimes we do eat more than one bag at a sitting. But every little success is good, right? :)

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      You and I are of the same mind -- that every success is good, no matter how small. I figure if I eat 2 portions of my chocolate bar, that's much better than half the bar, which I could easily do!

  2. Oh yes - the mind games we have to play with ourselves. If I brush my teeth then I think twice about eating another cookie or piece of cake. I don't want to have to brush my teeth again!

    1. Hi Ruthie,
      that's a good trick, too. not just a deterrent, but a signal to myself that I'm done eating for that period or for the day. Thanks for mentioning it!

  3. I do the same thing here with snacks. I’m not much of a candy eater right now (I go in streaks when I love it, and then I suddenly never want it). When I’m in a candy phase I sometimes buy a bag of Hershey kisses. I’m usually fine with just a couple. I also usually have a bag of the Unreal candy bars ( mounds type variety) from Costco in the pantry. Those things aren’t cheap, but if you don’t eat much candy they are really good as an evening snack. I will usually grab one. Dh usually has two.

    1. Hi Diane,
      It helps to have wrapped "portions", doesn't it?
      I've never heard of Unreal candy bars before. I had to look them up. I like that they don't use any of the alternative sweeteners. You mentioned that they aren't cheap. That's another deterrent for me, to not eat them all. If something was expensive I tend to want to make them last longer. I'll have to see if I can find them near me (don't have a Costco membership).
      Thanks for your comment, Diane.

    2. Safeway has them here. My dd buys the peanut butter cup type and she loves those. I have only tried the dark chocolate coconut ones. They aren’t as sweet as a Mounds, but they really are delicious. I pay $10 for a big bag at Costco, but a bag lasts us a couple months. I have decided there are things it’s ok to splurge on now, after years of always doing without because the kids wanted or needed things. I tell Dh we are worth it lol.

  4. Control with chocolate? Are you kidding me??? I have done similar things to what you have done with tempting foods. I rarely buy potato chips--I like them but don't love them--but I find it easy to mindlessly eat them if they are around. Out of sight, out of mind. Weight Watchers advised us to do the same technique (or to buy their overpriced snacks in small-sized packages) so I think you are far from alone in doing better with portion-sized packaging.

    1. Hi Kris,
      So maybe more of us lack self-control when it comes to chocolate. That's reassuring.
      That's affirming that WW also suggested pre-portioned snacks. Of course, they had an alternate motive (selling their products). But still that's an effective technique to impose some control over what we're eating.
      I've also found that when I bake a pan of brownies that I do better if I cut the whole pan into portions right away, than if I cut the bars as I go.
      I'd love to hear more about WW helpful tips sometime!

    2. I now use brownie pans to make my brownies. There was a learning curve to get the cooking temp and time figured out, but I finally did. I tend to just eat one rather than take a couple, or three, out of a regular pan lol.

  5. Count me as one with NO self control re: chocolate and many other sweet snacks!

    1. Ha ha, Lynn! I love that you capitalized NO, as that's how I feel on the inside with my lack of self-control with sweets.


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