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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Progress of Our Hanging Salad Bowls

They're looking good! I think I'll wait one more week to maybe 10 days before beginning to pluck off some salad fixings. The two bonuses with using these baskets for salad greens is, one, pests can't get to them (no slugs or bunnies), and two, because they hang up near the roof's edge, they catch more sunlight than other parts of our deck and seem to be growing faster in this cool spring weather than pots down below (and much, much faster than in the garden).

As the weather warms, I'll start some seeds for heat-tolerant greens to replace these cool season ones. 

I have five hanging baskets just like this, plus several additional pots with a variety of salad greens. I can hardly wait for salad season to begin!


  1. Your baskets are growing well and when it's time to harvest, they will be handy. We had beet greens in our salad the other night when I thinned them. However, the lettuce is not quite big enough to harvest yet.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Yum, baby beet greens are delicious! I'm sure you enjoyed those in your salad.

  2. It's pretty and will be tasty, too! My husband and son built a cold frame in 2020 so this is our second season using it. We have been eating a decent amount of home grown greens for the past couple of weeks--we would have been waiting weeks longer if we had grown it in the garden (which he also plans on doing). He's also been putting violet and dandelion blossoms in our salads. We tease him about how we are grazing for our food.

    1. Hi Kris,
      That's awesome your husband and son built a cold frame. I use the violet blossoms, but I've never tried dandelion blossoms. Hmmm. Were they bitter at all?

  3. No, they had a mild taste.


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