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Friday, May 7, 2021

Thoughts on the Cheap Gift

Saying that I love to gift cheap gifts has a bad sound to it, doesn't it? What I love is to take something that was inexpensive to me and do something with it to turn it into something nice.

I potted up my extra tomato plant for my son and daughter-in-law yesterday afternoon. I used the pot that I reclaimed with bleach and water. If I amortized the value of the pot (over 20 years), we're looking at about 50 cents. The tomato plant is one I grew from seed, so about 30 cents. I used about 3/4 of a bag of potting soil, about $3 worth. And I added a tomato cage that I picked up from a free pile a couple of weeks ago. My cost for this gift, then, comes to about $3.80. Oddly, the most expensive part of this gift was the bagged potting soil. Kind of goes against the phrase "dirt cheap!"

So, maybe it isn't that I love to give cheap gifts, but that I love to give nice gifts. And if they happen to be inexpensive, then that just means I have more money leftover to give more gifts.


  1. The inexpensive out-of-pocket gifts are often the best kind because they show the effort that went into them. All of your gifts do this including this one.

    1. Thank you for your wisdom, Live and Learn.
      Have a lovely Mother's Day!

  2. I think you are giving the gift of future enjoyment. They can watch the plant grow and experience the delicious home grown tomato taste. That's a great gift to give.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I like your thoughts. Thanks!
      Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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