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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Finding Gratitude For the Non-Stop Rain

That Carpenter's song keeps playing in my mind -- Rainy Days and Mondays. We've had a lot of rainy days in June this year. I'm trying to see the positives instead of the dreariness of these dark, cloud-filled days just as I'm expecting summer to begin. So, here goes.

  • the rain barrels are full once again. I had emptied 1  1/2 of the 2 barrels in April and May with watering the garden
  • the yard and garden got a good watering without any effort on my part
  • our garden vegetables and fruits may grow more with all of this rain
  • June showers must bring something, just like April showers
  • rainy weather here means cooler temps, which are great for sleeping at night
  • I can bake all I like without overheating the kitchen
  • some of the electricity in our area is hydro, so lots of water is a good thing for power supplies
  • little chance of wildfires, which means no smokey skies
  • a rainy day is a good excuse to not weed the garden, wash the car, mow the lawn, power-wash the driveway, paint the deck railing, trim the hedges
  • the sky looks clearer and trees greener just after the rain stops
  • abundant water supplies for my whole area
  • I'm not worried about not having enough rain. In some places, people are really worried about not enough rain this year/decade.
Intellectually I know that the rain will go away. But in the moment I need to find the positives in a rainy day month. And you know what? It does work. Trying to find the positives restores my gratitude even for those things that I thought I didn't want.


  1. Please do continue to count rain as a blessing. Our area, southern Maine, is in a drought. We had a bit of rain yesterday and I am absolutely rejoicing. Many of us garden and just do our best with what Heaven sends us. The blind weather people seem to think that only sunny days for weeks on end is the only good weather forecast.

    So I thank you for today's post!!!


    1. Hi Jude,
      Thank you got your comment. It helps put my own situation into perspective. I hope your area sees more rain again soon.

  2. Yes, it is a blessing. We also have been having drought conditions. Very little rain and very dry. Dad's garden is being watered and that is all because it's not possible or responsible to water a lawn when the garden is much more important. There has been pop-up showers so we had a little rain several afternoons last week while dad (who live about 5 miles away) had none.

    1. Hi Alice,
      I hope your area sees more rain, soon. I agree on saving water for the garden instead of the lawn. We prioritize the food plants over the grass every year.

  3. As welcome as rain can be, anything can get old after a while. Reframing your thoughts is a good way to deal with the undesirable. As you pointed out, rain can be an excuse to focus on things inside--just like the cold weather does in the winter.

    I live in an area of adequate rainfall, but we do have periods of drought along with too much rain where everything inside and out mildews. So far this spring, we haven't gone too far in either direction and that has most things looking green.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I'm glad there's been a balance in weather for your area. It's nice to have both the green and not too soggy.

  4. Oh my I wish some of your rain was making it to us. My weather station says we’ve had 2.24 inches of precipitation so far this year. Last June was very wet, this year nothing. We’ve had 2 record breaking heat waves so far this month too. It’s also been very windy. The grass is burning up, the garden looks awful. The next few days are to be cooler with highs around 80, but still no rain expected in the 10 day forecast. I know it’s worse in CA and Utah though.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Oh my. That is really, really dry. We've had close to that amount in just the last 2 weeks, here. I had a bucket sitting outside that caught about 2 inches of rainfall and it was just sitting out in the open.
      I hope you get some much needed rainfall very soon.


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