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Friday, June 11, 2021


Do you know what this is? This is what's left of a jar of homemade caramel topping. Ice cream toppings are super easy to make, keep refrigerated for several weeks, and are much less expensive than commercial ice cream toppings.

A week from Sunday is Father's Day. I thought we'd do make-your-own ice cream sundaes for dessert. My family has 3 favorite homemade toppings: "magic shell" topping, caramel sauce, and hot fudge topping. I'll make 2 of those and add chopped nuts and a fruit sauce (using frozen berries). 

While I was thinking about the ice cream, I searched the internet for making sugar cones and waffles bowls. There are several websites with instructions and recipes for making both. What excited me is they don't require a special iron. The cookie part can be made in a skillet and either formed around a cone or over the back side of a muffin tin to make ice cream bowls. I don't know if I'll get to making these for Father's Day, but this was intriguing.

Back to the caramel sauce, I made this as a dip to get us to eat the apples that are quickly passing their prime. I only hope that the sugar and butter in the caramel didn't negate the health benefits of the apples. It was delicious, though.


  1. Yum, indeed! Caramel sauce is my favorite way to eat apples. I admit to being a caramel addict, though. Sounds like a fun plan for Father's Day!

    1. Hi Cat,
      Mine, too! I think I like caramel dip for apples better than apple pie, even.
      Thank you! I know my husband will really enjoy an ice cream sundae party.

  2. Do you make magic shell topping? I like that one too and it would be interesting to make.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Several years ago I posted about our family making magic shell, here:
      Homemade Magic Shell

      It's easy to make. The only difference between homemade and commercial is the homemade needs to be heated before pouring onto ice cream while the commercial just needs to be room temp. But as with so many things, the homemade is much, much tastier!

  3. You can't go wrong with an ice cream sundae party. I usually like the mix-ins--fresh fruit cut up, mini chocolate chips, nuts, etc. There are so many options!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I think it'll be fun. If I'm feeling like I want something decadent, my chosen mix-ins are brownie bits and broken peppermint patties. But if I'm thinking my sundae will fill in for lunch, then I like strawberry slices, chopped almonds and magic shell. The ice cream is just an accessory to the toppings and mix-ins, IMO.

  4. Lili, that caramel sauce looks yummy and I went back to reread your post on HM Magic Shell. I have made my own caramel sauce, but mine was not a thick looking as yours. How is yours made? I'd like to improve upon mine. Also thinking I may try the Magic Shell when I have company this summer. Thanks for the link.

    My mother actually has the fancy pizelle cookie maker that is perfect for making waffle bowls and cones. The cookies are pretty delicious by themselves as well. Mother often makes the pizelles for gift giving and special occasions.

    Everyone have a good weekend.

    Lynn from NC Outer Banks

    1. Hi Lynn,
      For the caramel sauce, I cook a sugar, molasses, salt, water syrup until about 340 to 350 degrees F. Then I remove from heat, stir in butter, heavy cream, and vanilla. I sometimes add a bit of corn syrup to the original liquids, as I feel this keep the caramel from crystallizing. So, I think the thickness of the caramel sauce is due to cooking to a higher temp before adding cream, etc. Good luck!

      That is so neat that your mom has a pizelle maker. And I love the idea of using your special tools and equipment to make gifts for others.

      Have a great weekend, Lynn!


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