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Thursday, July 1, 2021

June Grocery Recap

I shopped mid-month at WinCo and spent $46.31

I also put in a split order with Walmart, one to be delivered and one for pick-up, in order to get some items at best prices. Total spent on food (peanut butter, raisins, honey, sorbet -- $55.63. About a week later, I checked the Walmart website to see if the peanut butter was still on sale (works out to $1.08/lb, has since been marked up to $1.44/lb). It was, so I ordered 6 more large jars. Sounds crazy, but when I checked the price again just now (at the $1.44/lb price) and saw how much I saved, I felt vindicated in my total "crazy" purchases of 12 64-oz jars. Spent on food -- $26.04. To get to the $35 minimum spend threshold for free shipping, I added 3 boxes of automatic dishwasher detergent, same brand and price I would spend at my local Walmart. Since P&G has already announced increases in prices across the board on their products this coming fall, I expect detergents and other household products to go up in price. I now have a few spare boxes of dish detergent.

I really thought I'd go shopping for groceries again this month. I never got around to it. And our supplies at home are holding out, so no need. Total spent this month -- $127.98

My "fail" in ordering groceries was the raisins. I didn't check to see what I paid per pound at WinCo before ordering from I wound up spending an extra 51 cents, total, on those 4 canisters of raisins. Oh well, that's not a huge mistake. I did save $17.28, total, on the peanut butter.

What I bought

1 head cabbage, (WinCo) 68 cents/lb
bulk raisins (WinCo) $2.25/lb
bulk banana chips (WinCo) $2.18/lb
dried apricots (WinCo) $3.01/lb
1 bundle celery (WinCo) 98 cents
5-lb bag carrots (WinCo) $2.48
bananas (WinCo) 40 cents/lb
4 20-oz canisters raisins ( $2.94 ea

12 large jars (64-oz) of peanut butter ( $4.34 ea
2 32-oz bottles raw honey (Walmart) $7.93 ea

red, white, and blue sorbet -- daughter's request (Walmart) $1.97

18-ct eggs (WinCo), $1.70
5 gallons milk (WinCo), 2@$2.40, 3@$2.49

Father's Day
2 bags frozen oven-roasting vegetables (WinCo), $2.64 ea
large bag broccoli slaw (WinCo) $2.98
vanilla ice cream (WinCo), $2.68
2-liter Root Beer (WinCo) 98 cents
refrigerator cinnamon rolls (WinCo) 88 cents  
bulk cashews (WinCo) $4.98/lb
hamburger buns (WinCo) 85 cents  

At my first shop at WinCo, I would have spent more. However, WinCo is a cash or debit only store and I forgot to grab extra cash before leaving the house. I was in the bulk section when I realized this and quickly pulled out my wallet to count my available cash. Not enough. So, I drastically reduced my shopping list at that point, while still buying what I'd need for Father's Day.

Monthly food spending for last 11 months

Aug 2020   $92.18

Sept 2020  $182.30

Oct 2020   $304.52

Nov  2020  $189.45

Dec  2020  $77.98

Jan  2021  $54.07

Feb  2021  $184.66

Mar 2021   $152.77

Apr 2021  $447.19

May 2021  $285.53

June 2021 $127.98

$190.78 average for last 11 months, including June 2021.

And now, it's the beginning of another month.


  1. Thanks for the info about P&G. I'm going to grab a couple of extra boxes of dish detergent, also.

    1. Good, Live and Learn. I also bought extra bar soap, because the bars are small and take up little room, but will keep for a long, long time. Every savings helps.

  2. We go through a lot of peanut butter here so I understand your joy. It's a favorite for us when baking as well as just for general eating. I have a few Chinese and Thai-inspired main dish recipes that call for it, as well.

    As L&L said, thanks for the info on P&G.

    1. Hi Kris,
      During the extreme heat, I used my thermos to make rice, then used the microwave to make a peanut butter sauce to pour over the rice, mixing in soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger, and chives. It was very delicious, quick to make, and served as an entree for lunches.
      Yes, grab what you need of cleaning/hygiene items before September. I'm working on a 6 month to 1 year supply on several regularly used items, ones that keep for a long time.

  3. We love peanut butter here as well and I stocked up about 6 weeks ago.

    I have a dishwasher and rarely use it since we're only a family of 3 (sometimes 4) that I can't see running a dishwasher that would be half full per day and I don't want it to sit with dirty dishes for days on end.

    Grocery budget was exactly the same as last month to within a few pennies. Again, I can't resist a meat sale so I stock up when it's on sale. And I bought some things for my son so I could say what I spent was actually about $100 lower than last month. And we went to an Amish store to stock up for the summer that won't be used this month alone.

    1. Hi Alice,
      your situation with the dishwasher makes sense. We still fill ours everyday, but then again I use it for mixing bowls, bakeware, and most pots and pans.

      I'm glad you were able to stock up on items at the Amish store. I don't know if it's a long drive from your home or not, but at least now you don't need to make that extra trip for a while.

  4. I went to Safeway today for old people discount day. I think I had 5 things on my list, and that’s all I bought until I found deals to good to pass up. 24 oz pkgs of thick bacon for $3. 2 lb pkgs of the ends and pieces for $2.50- those are for my son and dil to use in their “gourmet “ elk burgers they make. Butter for $1.25 and Rhodes frozen roll dough for $1.15. Then I got 10% off those prices I showed great restraint though and only bought 2 of everything except the thick bacon. I got 4 of those. I have a lot of butter and bacon, but I just couldn’t walk away from those prices.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Yum! those elk and bacon burgers sound delicious! A couple of times, I've had coupons for free Epic meat bars. The one I always choose is the bison, bacon, and cranberry one. It is soooo good. Your son and DIL's elk/bacon burgers reminded me of those.
      That's an awesome price on butter. I paid double that and thought I got a good price!

  5. Oh, and I also bought 5 peanut butter. I was down to just one jar. It wasn’t as cheap as I usually find, but cheaper than wm. $1.34 after discount. I also meant to add I paid for everything with my gift card I won playing monopoly, so free cheap food!

    1. Great work, Diane! It sounds like you are making the most of the gift card that you won.


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