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Thursday, September 23, 2021

What Would You Do With a Liter of Flat Regular Cola?

This bottle is left over from last December. Yeah, old, I know. It's been sitting at the back of the fridge for almost 10 months. I've used a little here and there, mostly in barbecue sauce for sloppy lentils. 

I'm determined to use it up in the next two weeks. I need specifics - recipes, instructions, or links. How would you use 1 liter of completely flat, sweetened cola? I've used the fruity soda for gelatin, but somehow I just don't think that would work with cola.

Suggestions, please, in the comments. I also have about 1 cup of flat root beer in the fridge, if you have any suggestions for that one.


  1. I haven't purchase pop/cola in over 10 years so I am not helpful with suggestions. If we ever host a party (when we could) I would offer ice water or coffee and tell them to bring their own beverage. I vaguely remember some recipes using it over a beef roast and I also think it is used in a cake. I don't have links but google will!

    1. Hi Alice,
      I can relate. We really aren't soda pop drinkers here, either. That's why we end up with half bottles whenever someone in the house does buy it. I've seen recipes for using it with roasts, too. I think it would be good over a pork roast. But I don't have any roasts right now. And I've heard of it in cake. Maybe a spice cake in place of some of the sugar?
      Thanks for your suggestions, Alice.

  2. I have never used it this way, but cola is an ingredient in many marinades. Also, the internet is full of cleaning tips using soda. However, I don't know if it works as well when it's flat. The acidity of the soda is one of the main cleaning agents and that may decrease with decrease in carbonation. I would pour a little on some baking soda to find out.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      hmmm, marinade. That might work. I could try it in a chicken marinade. Yeah, I've heard of it used to clean toilets. Great suggestion to try mixing a small amount with baking soda to see if it's still acid enough. Thank you for your suggestions, Live and Learn.

  3. I have added lighter-colored soda pop to cake mixes before when camping for an easy cake but wasn't sure about cola. I also wasn't sure if the carbonation was important so I Googled baking with flat soda and came up with this: Some really interesting ideas here! With the ice cube idea, I wonder if you could take it a step further and put the cola ice cubes in a blender and make a slushie? If that worked, that would make a fun treat. BTW, I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles to use up those 2 liter soda pops (and I have teens! We just aren't big consumers of that kind of thing).

    1. Hi Kris,
      thank you for that link. I'm mulling over the possibilities. There were good suggestions in the comments section,too. I like the idea of using cola with ginger, soy sauce, and garlic as a sauce/marinade. I think that would go well with chicken. And I love your idea for making a slushie. Coke Slurpies were always my favorite as a teen.

      We're not big soda pop drinkers, here, either. Most of the time, all of us would rather have water, coffee, tea, or juice. I do have a Kool-Aid loving daughter, though.

      Thanks for your comments, Kris.

  4. Although I’ve never used it flat, cola and root beer make awesome pulled pork in the crock pot. There are tons of recipes for it. Works on chicken too. I typically discard most of the liquid after it’s cooked, shred the meat and add bbq sauce. It’s super simple and delicious!

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I think I came across a recipe for a crockpot roast with cola. But I didn't think to try it on chicken. Thank you so much for this! I have lots of chicken and could try this in the crockpot.

  5. "Cola Baked Beans" and "Root Beer Baked Beans" (even "Dr. Pepper Beans") are an actual bonafide Thing...! Google 'Cola Beans' (and 'Root Beer Baked Beans') to see lots of recipes come up (granted, many of these recipes (not all) do seem to start with commercially canned baked beans -- but I'm sure with a little improvising it would be easy enough to make a version using dried beans).

    1. Hi friend,
      I have never heard of baked beans with cola or root beer. I think I will be making baked beans with the last of the root beer. Thank you so much! I hate to waste this flat soda and I especially didn't know what to do with the root beer. Now I know!


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