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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cheap & Cheerful Meals: Cozy Dishes for Autumn

Simple meals are some of the best meals. This week we ate some of our favorite comfort foods, some smothered in cheese sauce or gravy, and others sweet and spicy like pumpkin pie or hot cider. All delicious and I could eat them all again.

Our menus:

pepperoni pizza, grilled canned pineapple, celery sticks, chocolates

corn tortillas, refried beans, cheese & salsa, sautéed cabbage, carrot sticks, frosted cookies

chicken in gravy, garden potatoes, steamed carrots, Cole slaw

baked potatoes topped with kale in cheese sauce and bacon bits, pumpkin soufflé, watermelon pickles, spiced cider

beef and bean chili (with the very last of the garden peppers), cornbread, carrot and celery sticks

chicken and vegetable soup, toasted cheese sandwiches, pumpkin pie

rice and beans, sautéed Brussel sprout leaves, pumpkin pie

Breakfasts included yogurt, stewed prunes, frozen blackberries, fresh tomatoes, raisins, apple cider, eggs, toast, granola, toasty o's cereal, smoothies, milk, coffee and tea. My usual breakfast these days is a small cup of homemade yogurt with carrot powder, honey, and vanilla, some fresh tomatoes, and either frozen blackberries or stewed prunes.

Lunches included homemade bread, peanut butter, cheese, leftovers, frozen berries, fresh tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, celery, lentil sprouts, homemade dip, yogurt, eggs, potatoes, rice, and homemade desserts and treats. 

Again, another week of simple but comforting meals. I'm not sure which dinner I enjoyed most, perhaps the baked potatoes topped with kale and cheese sauce, or maybe it was the chicken and vegetable soup with the pumpkin pie, or just maybe it was the chili con carne or pizza. Now I've done it. I'm getting hungry again. 

What was on your menu this past week?


  1. Once again your meals look delicious. We had food every single meal! Ha Ha. Can't always remember though I'm the one making it. So not in order we had spaghetti with cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese, pork chops with mashed potatoes, kale and green beans. Beef stroganoff, lunches were tomato soup with mini noodles, baked potatoes with cheese and broccoli and chicken patties. Copycat Kentucky Fried chicken bowls with chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. Hamburger BBQ with chicken gumbo soup. Desserts were raspberry/pretzel dessert, chocolate brownie cookies, corn muffins, apple muffins. All from the freezer and pantry.

    1. Hi Alice,
      my sister makes what she calls lazy lasagna that incorporates cottage cheese with cooked pasta and marinara. She says it's very good. Beef stroganoff sounds absolutely delicious. I'll have to add that to our menu soon. All your meals sound perfect for this season.

  2. This past week was a strange food week because my Dh was gone a couple nites, and I was gone a couple. I made black bean soup, which is one of my most favorite soups. I also served enchiladas since Dh likes the soup, but doesn’t like just eating soup for dinner. I also made eggs Benedict with hashbrowns another nite. And lastly we had hamburgers. That’s all the cooking I did, and now Dh is gone again for a few days because hunting season opens tomorrow. Both boys, plus our dil, are going hunting so it’s a nice little family outing.

    1. Hi Diane,
      It must've been kind of nice to not need to cook as much this past week. Like a mini vacation. Eggs Benedict with hash browns sounds especially yummy. I'd like to do that meal soon, myself.

  3. I'm like Alice in that I can't remember what we had to eat last week. What I remember is that I made some curried butternut squash soup last week. It turned out rather bland which means people are adding a little hot sauce to their bowls.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Was your curried butternut soup like your pumpkin soup, or did you follow an entirely different recipe? I make your pumpkin and peanut butter soup often, and we all enjoy it.


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