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Thursday, December 16, 2021

A Little Snow When It Doesn't Snow

In my area (greater Seattle), we have a 5 to 6% chance of a white Christmas on average. This year, they say our chances of measurable snow on Christmas Day are between 15 and 20%. Every morning when I open the curtains I feel hopeful that there will be a fine dusting. But no such luck.

To get a "feeling" of snow, I use canned snow on the large glass panel in the kitchen door. I've had the same can of snow for about 10 years, using just a touch each year to get that wintry feeling. 

For those neat, rounded corners, I cut a template from an empty cereal box, hold the template against the window loosely, then spray lightly on the glass corners of the panel. I've found that a lighter application of  snow looks most realistic. One of my daughters says she loves, loves, loves the snow on the door.

Another 5-minute decorating project that I made this week went next to the side door that we use most and where packages are left by couriers. I cut boughs and branches of cedar, holly, and other evergreens and pop them into a pot of dirt. I added a bow and reused floral pick. I happened to be out adding "snow" to some pinecones, so I also gave a light dusting of "snow" to my greenery pot. Easy-peasy done.

As you can see, I like projects that give results quickly and without difficulty. These two projects met those objectives handily.


  1. We usually don't have a lot of snow in December, including on Christmas, but you got me curious about the percentage chance that it might happen. Don't really know how these numbers were figured, but we have a 10-25% chance of snow on Christmas this year. We usually go to my father-in-law's house Christmas day, but we're not going anywhere this year, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Dreaming of a white Christmas for you! Staying home when it snows is preferable to having to drive in it. I hope you get your snowy Christmas.

  2. As I get older I am less of a lover of snow. Here is Michigan we often get white Christmases and then the many hours of shoveling snow, scraping icy snow off windshields, raking the roof of our home with a roof rake and plenty of snow on windows due to the windy wintry mix. No thank you for adding extra snow from a can for those of us who get a heavy dose of winter every single year for many, many months. We may even see snow for Christmas. But I think it's a cute idea for those with less snow.

    We've only had two small snow events so far but that has all melted. We haven't had much winter yet. The wind has been bad though and all the leaves we previously raked away have blown all back in from the neighbors who haven't bothered to rake so here we go again with raking until the winter weather arrives.

    1. Alice, our school district was closed yesterday and today due to the heavy winds that blew the roof off one of the elementary schools in our district. Many in our area are still without power. What a crazy couple of days those were! I prefer snow over high winds like that. We had many limbs down. Some were blown into the ground and were standing up vertically.

      Lili, I like your snow solution! It looks especially pretty on your side door decoration.

    2. Hi Alice,
      ha ha on the no need for added snow for your windows! I guess you get plenty of the white stuff. Okay, so for you, I'll dream of a less-white Christmas.
      Have a wonderful day, Alice!

    3. Hi Kris,
      Oh my goodness! I hope no one was injured with the elementary school roof situation.

      Thank you. We like the faux snow.
      Have a wonderful day, Kris!


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