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Monday, January 3, 2022

January is One of My Favorite Months

Happy New Year, friends!

Thank you for kind words last week. We are all more or less better, now. Although my energy is still flagging. To give some reference, pre-whatever-this-was, I walked about 3 miles a day, everyday. I'm trying to build back up to that mark. For now, I'm trying to catch up on other stuff and am walking half what I used to.

This morning: 

  • I made another batch of laundry soap and did laundry
  • did a quick clean-out of the fridge (throwing away several containers of moldy leftovers) 
  • made a large pot of rice and another of lentils then pre-made some single servings of lunch with those plus some veggies 
  • opened all mail that had piled up in the past 2 weeks (I did pay bills when I received them, though), 
  • started making dinner (tuna casserole, beet salad and honey-mustard carrots) 
  • began the clean-up of my office (where I tossed all boxes when we received packages in December.

We have put off our family Christmas celebration one more week. Some of us were still symptomatic this past weekend. We really don't want to spread this to our son and daughter-in-law. So, in 2022, my family will be celebrating Christmas Day twice! My husband has been joking that if we keep postponing, I won't have any Christmas shopping, gift-wrapping or holiday decorating to do next fall. There are some season and time-sensitive gifts under the tree. So I I think we'll try our best to celebrate this coming Saturday.

It's now 1 PM, and my lunch break is over. Time for me to return to the enormous pile of laundry, get out the vacuum cleaner, and work on the clean-up of my office some more. One of the things I love about January is I actually have time to do things like straighten my office/sewing & craft area/back-up pantry. Those boxes that contained stuff we ordered in December? I'm using some of them as sorting bins for my organizing.

I hope you're all having a wonderful first Monday of the new year. Happy New Year!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I started with a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and not feel well on new years eve. Went to our local med express and got a rapid covid test. Thank goodness negative and the second one negative also. Two years ago I would say I've got a cold, now can't be wrong. Was it covid?

    1. I'm so sorry you've been sick Cheryl. I hope you're beginning to feel better now. I agree, in previous years, I would have just thought this is another cold. The fatigue was the only thing that was unusual for me with a cold. I also wonder if maybe I was especially fatigued because I'd been working hard and not sleeping as much as I needed for several weeks. Who knows. We'll continue to be careful as well as take really good care of our health.
      Have a good rest of your evening, Cheryl.

  2. Well, it's not starting off so good for us. Daughter is starting with a bit of a cold and she has to fly back to her country to teach this week. Husband starting with a cold now too. My parents both fell and mom fractured her pelvis in two places. From hospital to rehab center and now said rehab center has covid. She tested negative so I think I'm arranging for her to come home today. Mother in Law is having memory issues and some other ailments. We've spent a lot of time explaining things, repeating things, helping with medicine distribution, etc. So lots going on around here.

    1. So sorry Alice that you and your family are dealing with so much right now. I had similar issues with parents and in-laws in the past and know how stressful it can be.

    2. Oh Alice. That stinks. Pelvis fractures are soooo painful--one of my least favorite things to have to do at work is get those patients up, especially the first time. My mom had a pelvic fracture and she was not a complainer, so when she was miserable, I knew it was horrible. Plus with all the covid worries, especially with as high as our positivity rates are right now, you have multiple layers of worries. I'm praying for health and healing for your family and for you to get some sleep. Keep us posted.

    3. Hi Alice,
      I'm so sorry you and your family are having to struggle with so much right now. I just said a prayer for you and your family members. I hope you can get your mom home and that you can arrange for her care, as needed. May God give you strength to handle all of this.

  3. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better, Lili. You may not have all of your energy back, but you are still accomplishing a lot.

    When I was growing up and my older sisters were out of the house, we celebrated Christmas whenever everyone could be there. That was almost always after Christmas sometime. Until then, the only gifts we opened were ones from outside of the family. Surprisingly, no one minded. My allowance didn't go far those days, so I often shopped the after Christmas sales for gifts. A definite benefit to waiting.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      There are some positives to celebrating after Christmas. Very clever of you to wait to buy gifts until after Dec. 25 and save some money.

      We've saved all of our gifts to open until we can have our son and daughter-in-law here to celebrate with us. And I've noticed that a couple of new gifts have been added since Dec. 25. So, someone is doing some shopping (or else they're just really slow at wrapping).

      I'm glad that your family could make this work so well after your older sisters had started families of their own.

  4. Lili, I think you are doing the smart thing--gradually increasing your activity level. I'm sure your body still needs rest so be sure to listen to it when it says "enough, I'm tired!". I'm glad to hear that you and your family are on the mend and I like your husband's sense of humor about the gifts. Keep things simple while you are healing! I hope you get to enjoy your family this weekend.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thank you. Since we don't know what we had, we're treating this as something that could have been serious and taking better care of ourselves than if we'd thought this was just a cold. So, going slow and working my way to full activity to avoid relapses.

      I hope you had a wonderful couple of weeks with both of your kids at home.


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