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Monday, February 28, 2022

Another Weekend in the Frugal Life

one of my fun new snack containers for making homemade snack packs

I'm struggling to get through today. So, I thought I'd focus on some positives in my life, in particular, frugal triumphs.

  • we ate all meals at home, all scratch-cooked
  • we had a homemade pizza dinner on Friday while we watched a free movie on the Roku, Get Shorty (on Pluto TV- a free subscription service, has ads, but hey, I need a break from time to time to use the restroom or get a cup of tea)
  • I used YouTube on the Roku while I exercised indoors. Anything I might normally watch on YouTube can be watched on the Roku. I was using music selections (50s doo-wop) to motivate me while I exercised.
  • I washed a whole bunch of plastic bags to reuse. I hung these all on the clothes drying rack. I turn them inside out about a day after hanging, then allow to continue drying.
  • We also used the clothes drying racks to hang some laundry this weekend.
  • I used my cute little snack containers that my daughter gave to me over the weekend, filling them with various goodies and mini cut veggies. I could also eat my snacks off of a plate. But these are more fun.
  • I paid bills online and over the phone (the one bill that doesn't have an option to pay online). I saved the cost of several stamps. However, I don't think I recouped the cost of internet access.
  • We're in a rainy pattern right now. So I took advantage of the indoor time to organize and inventory the pantry. I mentally set aside a couple of items for our Easter dinner and placed an order to be shipped for basics that I don't want to run out of (raisins, flour, sugar, peanut butter, brown rice, canned tomato paste, non-stock baking spray, and rainbow sprinkles to make funfetti desserts).
  • I also inventoried one of the freezers, and I found a whole chicken bought in early 2020. I pulled it out to thaw and oven-roasted it on Monday for our dinner. Everyone loved having a Thanksgiving-like dinner on a regular weekday evening.
  • I've been in a funk lately, so I read a couple of online articles (instead of buying books or magazines), which resulted in me using my motivational journal to work out my internal dialog. The "motivational journal" is my 79-cent spiral notebook bought in the school supply section of Target. I knew what I'd be using this notebook for, so I chose a color that I like. It's pink. It's been a bargain. 79 cents to dialog with myself or $$$ for therapy. Easy choice for me.
Where we messed up. 2 family members had ex's to pick-up one day, but they didn't coordinate. So, gas was used to go to the pharmacy and back twice in the same day. Wah wah.

So that was my weekend. What frugal triumphs have you had recently?


  1. I do a lot of running each day and sometimes more than once per day to my parents home. I work from home so I eliminate a daily drive back and forth to an office. Some days I don't go out at all. Hubby works out so he drives each day.

    I inventoried my spices this weekend. I buy in bulk and refill small containers as needed. I was surprised to find that I am getting very low on some and totally out of other spices. I'm not planning a visit to the Amish bulk food store in the near future but I still have plenty to go by for a while.

    I am emptying my pantry of things that we don't eat but my daughter did when she was home. I also want to use up some of those half used items that seem to be the clutter. I still want a pantry but some of those odd things need to be used.

    1. Hi Alice,
      Working from home sounds like it has worked out well for you. I'm glad that you can have this while also needing to go and visit your parents so often.
      You've been busy in the kitchen, inventorying and using up. Good job!
      I went back into my pantry this morning, this time to bundle together all of the washed freezer bags by size (gallon vs quart). It's saves money in the long run to regularly sort through pantry stuff.
      Wishing you a peaceful evening, Alice!

  2. Your journal sounds a lot like our different journals for various things around here. We are still using up unused pages from the kids' school notebooks, and I even found some from when I was in college at my mother's house that I have used. Waste not, want not, right?

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      That is so sweet that your mother hung onto your college notebooks.
      Yeah, I have a stack of partially-used spiral notebooks from my kids and my own classes, too. They come in handy! I'm glad you find use for those "partials", too!

  3. I've also been in a funk lately, although I feel better today. Sounds like you are doing some good things for yourself. I've also been exercising via YouTube videos on the Roku. I frequently do some from Sharona's Hill. From what I can tell, she is from Germany (but speaks English) and most of her videos are walking or simple dance moves. She uses a variety of music--some from musicals, disco, ABBA, 80s, country .... I find them to be generally fun. She has a fun approach and looks "normal", not like a supermodel. Just a suggestion if you are looking for different ideas.

    I don't know if this is a frugal triumph, but our local art museum is currently having a mini-golf course in the museum. The holes are themed on different pieces of art. I took my daughter Saturday--it's NOT a cheap option but when I'm in a funk, doing something fun and out of my normal routine is helpful. In talking with the receptionist, I discovered that the museum is currently offering a 50% discount on a yearly membership, so I purchased that, instead (which allowed us access to the mini golf). There are other exhibitions coming up that I want to go to, and my daughter loves going, so in the long run I think it will be a cost effective thing to have done. The mini golf was a riot, by the way. There is also a Winslow Homer exhibit and we enjoyed that.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I'm sorry you've been in a funk, too. I think you're right about pushing yourself outside of your usual routine as helpful when funk sets in. And what a fun thing you and your daughter were able to do! I've never heard about a mini-golf in an art museum. I bet you'll get a lot out of your year's membership. And isn't your daughter a young artist?
      I'm so glad you were able to do something so fun!


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