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Monday, February 7, 2022


I've had some time over the last week to think about health and how it can be both fragile and resilient. The fragility. I work hard at staying healthy. I try to do all the right things for my health. Still, one day I can be feeling great and then just a few short days later, something overtakes my body. 

Last week was one such week. Early in the week I felt energetic and was getting a lot done. By mid-week, I was feeling off, tired, and maybe like something was going on with my sinuses. Thursday afternoon I was in so much pain I wound up in an urgent care facility. I went from feeling on top of my game to what was the worst pain I've felt since childbirth in less than a week. I'm doing much better now (that's the resilience part). But it just amazed me how quickly things fell apart. I didn't even have a bad cold leading into this sinus infection.

I'm grateful for family members and friends who stepped in to assist this past week. As we were leaving the urgent care facility, we discovered our car's battery was dead. A friend from church came and gave us a jump, then followed us all the way home. My daughters and husband cooked and did everything for me so I could rest for a couple of days. My gratitude abounds.

I'm bouncing back. I'm getting back to cooking, cleaning, exercising, creating, and taking my turn to be there for my family members. I'm thankful that I got a head start on Valentine's planning before this past week. It wasn't by design, of course, which makes me all the more thankful. I'll be working on a couple of Valentine family favorites over the next couple of days. I hope your week is off to a great beginning!


  1. Oh, Lily, sorry to hear about your health issues but glad to see you are bouncing back. I kind of wondered if something was amiss since you hadn't posted anything.

    We are not really ones to celebrate a lot of the hallmark holidays but treat each day as a special one. I have been very cautious of emptying my house of junk this winter just to try to stay healthier.

    1. Thank you, Alice.
      I've been working at eating less junk, too. It can be difficult when other household members still really enjoy the fried or sweet treats.
      Have a great day, Alice!

  2. Sorry that you were in so much pain, but glad you found the cause and are on the mend. I wonder if there was something residual from you illness at Christmas?

    You're right that our health can change on a dime so we need to be thankful for each day that we have.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      Thank you. Yes, that's what I was thinking. I must've had something at such a low level since Christmas that I didn't really notice it until last week. I'd been more tired than I thought I should be, but I just attributed that to age and the holiday season. But, I'm getting better now, and I'm appreciative of that.
      Have a wonderful day, Live and Learn.

  3. Oh no, Lili! That sounds miserable. I'm glad you are on the rebound. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday--she's my age and fell on the ice about 10 weeks ago which resulted in a fracture of her arm close to her shoulder. She was doing really well .... and then went to an appointment with her ortho doc yesterday and found that she isn't healing correctly and is being referred to a trauma surgeon. She is very health conscious, and we had a similar conversation about how even when you do the "right" stuff, sickness and injuries can still happen (she fell while out for a walk .... for her health .... ). L&L is right, it's important to be thankful for each day of health that we have.

    As a heads up, I recommended your pan veloce veloce recipe on today. I provided a link to your recipe--I hope you don't mind--the readers there seem to be a good bunch of people. I made the recipe yesterday and my husband commented about how much he likes it!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thank you. I'm getter better with each day. Ouch! I'm so sorry for your friend's fall and now needing additional surgery. I hope she recovers quickly after having the fracture reset. I'm sure that accident was extremely painful for her.
      Thanks for recommending the pane veloce veloce recipe. I hope someone finds it helpful.
      Wishing you a wonderful day, Kris!


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