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Monday, March 28, 2022

An Easter Tree Done for Free

I can't take credit for the idea. One of our neighbors did an outdoor tree like this last year. And then this morning, while out for my walk, I saw they'd done it again. It's cheery, seasonal, and just so simple.

With my kids grown now, I have a lot of plastic Easter eggs that don't get the use they once did. A few scattered around the house look cheery, and my kids like to hide a few eggs for each other. But otherwise, I needed to find another way to use some of these.

We have a slim tree-like shrub just outside our driveway/kitchen door, yet visible to the street and passers-by. At Christmas, I put lights and outdoor ornaments on this tree. In February, I string it with pink-purple lights. I had been wanting some outdoor Easter decor. These plastic egg ornaments seemed like just the right thing.

I took a dozen small plastic eggs and attached wire hangers. I used florist wire, as that's what I have and it's cheap. The top end of each egg either had a small hole in it already or it had a dimple, which I poked a hole through using a corkscrew. 

I threaded one end of a 5-inch length of wire through this hole. Using pliers, I turned the end of the wire into a small spiral inside the egg half, preventing the wire from being pulled out of the egg's top.

I used the pliers again to form a hook on the other end of the wire. Once this was formed, I snapped the egg halves back together. Each egg and wire took about 3 minutes to do, so I think I spent about 35 minutes on this project in total.

We had a dry spell in our rainy day, so I headed outside to hang these "new" ornaments on our tree. I have a few kids-at-heart in my household who really love it when I decorate for holidays.


  1. Love it! So festive. I went to a women's craft night at church tonight. We could choose our Easter craft so I opted to paint wooden eggs and add "grown-up" stickers to them. Overall they turned out well and I've added them to my living room for a seasonal display.

    1. Hi Kris,
      What a fun activity your church held for the women. And now you have a nice Easter decor addition for your home!

  2. Some of our neighbors still have Christmas lights on their house but do not light them up anymore. I have White lights in my bay window mixed around my Dutch lace valance. Some one asks about my Christmas lights but they are not. They are just white lights. I also still have white lights on top of my kitchen cabinets and they are not Christmas lights but just white lights. They happen to be a string of lights people use on a Christmas tree but they are not just for Christmas. I change them out for colored lights during Christmas but white lights all year round for me. It adds such an ambiance to the house in the dreary winter, fall and early spring. I also string white lights in my patio for the summer to make the room cozy for an evening of game playing. I stock up on them at every estate sale I go to because when a light burns out, I cannot find a string of lights in a store except for Christmas time.

    1. Hi Alice,
      I love the look of tiny white lights throughout the year. One of my neighbors keeps white lights on their living room fireplace mantel year round. We can see them through the window, and they make the place look so inviting. My guess is your house has a warm and welcoming feel to it, too. I've been wanting to do some white lights over our patio for summer. You may have just served as inspiration to actually do just that! Thank you!

  3. That's such a great reuse idea for plastic eggs The floral wire is the perfect hanger. I love how your tree looks. And the beautiful rock wall behind. The best is how happy your family feels when your home is lovingly decorated and festive. In turbulent times like today, it will focus their minds on the simple joys and bring smiles to their hearts.

    Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you, Laura. I think you're right about how important it is to do these little things to help refocus ourselves when the news is not good.
      Have a wonderful rest of your evening, Laura.

  4. Aw, that came out cute! You do such a nice job decorating for the various holidays.

    Personally, I'm not much into decorating for holidays, in part because we live in a small home and storage would be an issue. But a few years back, being not in the mood to decorate for Christmas one year, I bought a faux birch tree prelit with little white LED lights. We enjoyed it so much that I now leave it up year-round and enjoy the soft lighting while having my coffee each morning, as well as on dark dreary days. And I do hang little Easter eggs on it seasonally. So that's my one seasonal decor item, lol.

    1. Hi Cat,
      Oh, I love the sound of an all white tree used year round. I've seen white trees with Easter eggs hanging on them. I love that look. I'm sure it adds ambiance to your house, especially when lit.

  5. Your tree looks great and is a great reuse for the plastic eggs. You have reminded me to get our spring/Easter wreath. I am hesitating because last year, finches built a nest in it and raised babies. While that was fun, they left a horrible mess on the door that was very hard to clean up. We'll see if I can redirect the nest building this year.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      As much as I love birds, they do seem to leave their droppings where we don't want. We've had a bunch of small birds this year that sit on the handles to the patio doors, pecking at the door. Of course, they leave their droppings right there on the doorstep. I hope you find a solution that works and allows you to hang your special wreath.


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