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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cheap & Cheerful Suppers for Early April

I don't know what happened to my post. Something caused it to revert to an original draft. I'll do my best to recap what I'd originally written Thursday evening.

Another week of my daughters' cooking, with exception to Easter's main meal (which we did as a late lunch to take advantage of warm outdoor air). This has been a fabulous gift all month, with the two of them cooking the main meal each night. I feel truly spoiled.

So, what did they cook? Here it is:

pepperoni pizza (using a Great Value  pizza crust mix and canned pasta sauce), kale and cabbage slaw, canned green beans

Saturday (my birthday dinner)
frozen eggrolls, frozen orange chicken stir fry, rice, scratch chocolate cake (the cake that had a layer which wouldn't come out of the pan, becoming 2 batches of chocolate pudding cake later)

Easter Luncheon (as I posted earlier this week) -- baked ham, scratch dinner rolls, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, kale-almond-cranberry salad, roasted Brussel sprouts, carrot cake cupcakes, chocolate pudding cake

We didn't cook a dinner on Easter. It was fend for yourself. I had a bowl of more chocolate pudding cake and a cup of tea for my dinner. Others had leftovers from the luncheon.

Monday (sorry, no photo)
reheated leftovers from Easter

bean and ham soup (using ham stock and meat from Easter ham plus beans cooked from dried), scratch biscuits (using ham fat in the dough), mixed green slaw

bean and cheese burritos (using canned refried beans and commercial tortillas), canned tomatoes, mixed green salad

hummus (using canned garbanzo beans), crackers, celery sticks, slaw with cabbage and thinnings from the garden

Everyday breakfasts included leftover dinner rolls, toast, homemade yogurt, eggs, milk, fruit, juice, peanut butter, and smoothies. As Saturday was my birthday, I made sure to have exactly what I wanted -- croissants and bacon. Trader Joe's sells frozen croissant dough. I picked up a box of 8. We baked 4 and will save the other 4 for Mother's Day. When I buy bacon, I split the package into smaller packages of 8 or 12 uncooked slices (depending on whether my son and daughter-in-law will be with us, hence 12 slices for 6 of us). I thaw one of these smaller packets in the fridge overnight. I have a good friend who frequently reminds me that if I want something to happen, and I have some control over the situation, to make it happen myself. That's what I did for my birthday.

Our lunches included cream of broccoli soup, cheese sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, eggs, raisins, bananas, juice, carrots, cabbage, crackers, leftovers, and various baked goodies.

That's what was on our menu this week. What was on yours?

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


  1. Yes, Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you had a very nice day!

    1. Thank you, Alice. Yes, it was a nice day.

  2. A birthday meal sounds like the best gift ever! Hope you had a nice day.

    Meals .... meatloaf and baked potatoes (trying to get in meals that my daughter loves but my son dislikes before he is home for the summer), turkey tortellini soup and bread, honey/soy chicken over rice with salad, mac and cheese with green beans. No idea what I'll make tonight but I'm sure it will be simple!

    1. It was nice, Kris.
      What a kind mom you are, making your meals that are your daughter's favorites but not son's while your son is away. Is the turkey in the tortellini, or is this turkey soup with cheese filled tortellini? It sounds delicious, either way.

    2. My husband and I also like meatloaf so it's no hardship on us! Funny story--when my son was little, he told me he liked grandma's (my mom) meatloaf but not mine. I told him I used the same recipe and he said, "But you don't use her oven!".

      I bought a package of cheese and spinach tortellini from Aldi awhile ago and needed to use it up. The recipe is basically a chicken and noodle soup recipe but the tortellini makes it more fun. The turkey is some of our leftover turkey that my husband cooks and freezes to give us easy and inexpensive access to cooked poultry for soups and casseroles.

  3. Lili, you must be so proud of your daughters for their dedication to please you with this luxurious gift of their time and effort. Synchronicity should have it, on my desk is a Churchill quote I clipped from AARP magazine for my junk journals, "Being saturated and satiated with emotion and sensation, I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful." There is nothing more in being a parent than raising our children well, may you sleep well. Happy Birthday Lili!!

    Have a good weekend,

    1. Thank you Laura! I love that quote. Yes, parenting is very hard and as there's no guide, you're never sure if you're doing the right thing, until they're older. I also think that sometimes kids just have the right temperament to turn out a certain way, regardless of what the parents do. I sure did make my share of mistakes with all 3 kids.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

    2. Sorry for my awkward grammar. I always struggled with English, now with early dementia I don't always find the right words. But truly, I often reflect on what I value most in my life's journey, not how much money I've earned or saved, or what kind of job I've had, what material things I own, or how I look or appear to others, but how my children have turned out. You've said it perfectly.

    3. Hi Laura,
      I didn't think your grammar was awkward at all. I understood you completely. I agree -- money, things, fame, power aren't what matter, despite what advertisements and media tell us.

      Have a wonderful weekend, Laura!


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